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During prolonged lockdown and self-isolation, we have charted a new normal. For sales and marketing, this means creatively responding to many new consumer behaviours and existing consumer trends that have been accelerated in just weeks. As consumers continue using e-commerce for everyday goods, strong emphasis will be placed on digital channels and the role of direct-to-consumer e-commerce channels. Knowing how to implement e-services that help consumers perform tasks and access services through partners in both the private and public sector will also be a priority. Marketers will also need to rethink their media mix across larger channels like video conferencing and virtual reality as remote work has created the “homebody economy”. As in-person conversation can be difficult, companies looking to keep and attract customers need to develop video sales platforms in addition to sales videos that walk a fine line between scripted and personalized content. Looking forward, B2B companies see digital interactions as three times as important to their customers than traditional sales methods and almost 90% of sales have moved to video-conferencing, phone and web sales, making the ability to continue working from home a fulltime reality.

1. sales associate

Sales associate is the most in-demand sales and marketing job in 2021. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of essential goods surged, so there is high demand for sales associates in key sectors such as grocery, pharmacy and discount stores. Though retail has been under strong pressure from ecommerce, the pandemic has helped revive these sectors.

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2. merchandiser

Merchandiser jumps to number 2, up from 8 last year. Whenever you walk into a retail space, your experience was probably designed by a merchandiser. Through the pandemic, merchandisers have played a key role in selecting inventory, building a positive retail experience, and ensuring store layouts follow health and safety guidelines. Their skills are invaluable to retailers looking to retain customers who might otherwise be tempted by the ease of online shopping.

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3. account manager

Account managers oversee day-to-day interactions with clientele. They typically operate in the B2B sales space, and act as a go-between for their employer and their customers. They work closely with clients to ensure they’re happy and facilitate sales. In the context of the pandemic, account managers are critical to retain customers and drive new B2B sales.

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4. marketing manager

Marketing manager dropped a couple of spots after ranking number 2 last year, as employers shift their focus to direct sales roles which bring in immediate revenue. Marketing managers lead the marketing strategy for their employer. They typically manage a team of marketing specialists. In 2021, marketing managers who are effective leaders and have experience with digital marketing are most in demand.

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5. marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinators are the jack-of-all-trades in the marketing world, providing general support to others on their team. They know a little bit of everything to do with marketing from email to social media, to event planning, to paid media. In 2021, marketing coordinators who are experts in digital media have an edge when looking for work.

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6. account executive

Account executives are similar to account managers, in that they handle existing B2B relationships and bring in new clients. However, account executives tend to be more senior than account managers and they may handle larger or more important accounts. In the era of the pandemic, employers rely on account executives to keep clients happy and bring in important new sources of revenue.

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7. digital marketing specialist

As online activity increases, digital marketing continues to grow in importance, while traditional forms of marketing such as TV, radio and print lose favour. Digital marketers help their employer spend their digital marketing budget effectively and have knowledge in areas such as SEO, paid media, email, and social media, among other digital initiatives.

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8. ecommerce specialist

Ecommerce specialist is a new entry on the list of in-demand sales and marketing jobs for 2021. During the pandemic, online shopping has taken off as an alternative to in-person shopping, accelerating a trend that was already in place before COVID-19. Companies are reevaluating or reinforcing their ecommerce strategy to bring in much-needed revenue during the crisis. Ecommerce specialists help their employer build an online platform that effectively converts and drives sales.

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