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Today's sales and marketing teams are more data-driven and strategic than ever before. If you want to work on a sales and marketing team in 2020, creativity and sales-ability are no longer enough. You'll need to be tech-savvy and have a strong understanding of digital platforms used in your industry. In sales that means being intimately familiar with industry-leading CRMs such as Salesforce or Hubspot. In marketing, it means having extensive knowledge in fields such as SEO, data analysis, and social media marketing. Businesses have access to a vast amount of data on their customers and they're hiring people who are able to distill all that information into intelligent, data-driven marketing and sales decisions. Digital marketing spending now eclipses spending on traditional media and that's a trend we expect to continue into 2020. According to eMarketer, the average company will increase its digital ad spend 19.1% in 2020. Meanwhile, spending on traditional media is set to drop 19%. That's a clear indication that companies are shifting budgets away from traditional media and directly into digital media. If you're not aboard the digital train, you're already falling behind.


the best sales and marketing jobs in 2020

Given how frequently we've heard the term 'retail apocalypse' thrown about over the last few years, it may be surprising to note that sales associate remains the top job in this sector for 2020. Rounding out the rest of the top 3 sales and marketing jobs for 2020 are two marketing roles: marketing manager and marketing coordinator. This year's list also sees a surge in digitally-native marketing roles such as digital marketing specialist and social media manager.

best jobs in 2020

  • 1. sales associate

    Sales associates take the top spot on the best sales and marketing jobs in 2020. Contrary to reports that retail sales are a dying industry, retail jobs continue to be important and customer service roles such as sales associates remain in high demand.

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  • 2. marketing manager

    Marketing managers lead the marketing strategy for their employer. They typically manage a team of marketing specialists. In 2020, marketing managers who are effective leaders and have experience with digital marketing are most in demand.  

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  • 3. marketing coordinator

    Marketing coordinators are the jack-of-all-trades in the marketing world. They know a little bit of everything to do with marketing from email to social media, to event planning, to paid media. In 2020, marketing coordinators who are experts in digital media have an edge when looking for work.

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  • 4. product manager

    Product managers are responsible for overseeing a specific product or service within their employer's portfolio, and managing everything needed to deliver that product to the consumer. They oversee the launch, branding and customer service related to the product they manage.

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  • 5. business development manager

    Business development managers do exactly what it sounds like they do. They're responsible for developing and maintaining business relationships. As a business development manager, you'll spend most of your time making sales and closing deals with new customers and expanding your wallet share with existing customers.

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  • 6. digital marketing specialist

    Digital marketing continues to grow its share of marketing budgets, as traditional forms of marketing such as TV, radio and print lose favour. Digital marketers help their employer spend their digital marketing budget effectively and have knowledge in areas such as SEO, paid media, email, and social media, among other digital initiatives. 

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  • 7. social media manager

    Social media has become a huge component of our digital lives. As a result, most businesses now run social media accounts, realizing they must be on social platforms in order to effectively reach key demographics. Social media managers upkeep their employer's brand on social platforms, posting content and engaging with followers.

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  • 8. merchandiser

    Whenever you walk into a retail space, your experience was probably designed by a merchandiser. Merchandisers play a key role in selecting inventory and building a positive retail experience. Their skills are invaluable to retailers looking to retain customers who might otherwise be tempted by the ease of online shopping.

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sales and marketing salaries in 2020

The median sales and marketing salary in 2020 is $65,000 up significantly over $59,900 in 2019. The lowest 10% of earners in the sales and marketing fields make $35,000 or less, while the top 10% of earners make upwards of $110,000.

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best sales and marketing skills to have in 2020

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software remains the top skill that employers look for in the sales and marketing industries for the third year in a row, with industry-leader Salesforce being the most requested. Various digital marketing skills are also hot, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics ranking among the top skills of 2020. On the sales side, B2B sales ability is an important skill employers look for.

best skills in 2020

  • 1. customer relationship management (CRM)

    Sales and marketing are all about building relationships with potential clients and customers so it's no shock that CRM software is coming in the top spot on the most in demand sales and marketing skills.

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  • 2. salesforce

    Salesforce is by far the most popular CRM software on the market. It's used for tracking leads and managing the sales funnel. It's especially dominant in sales roles, however marketers with expertise in Salesforce are also in demand.

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  • 3. digital marketing

    The future is digital and that's certainly true when it comes to marketing. Traditional marketing tactics like print and radio are being eclipsed by digital skills like paid search, social media marketing, content marketing, email and other forms of digital marketing.

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  • 4. search engine optimization (SEO)

    A part of the digital marketer's toolbox, search engine optimization is a key skill if you plan to pursue a marketing career. With what seems like weekly algorithm updates from search engines, SEO specialists must constantly be updating their skills to stay relevant.

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  • 5. google analytics

    Google Analytics is the dominant player in web analytics. If a company has a website, there's a very good chance they use Google Analytics to track and measure success. If you're skilled at using Google Analytics reporting, you have a strong foundation for a variety of digital marketing jobs.

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  • 6. B2B sales

    When it comes to sales ability, B2C and B2B require two very different skill sets. Selling to end consumers tends to be more volume oriented. Selling to B2B clients requires more relationship building. If you have that ability to nurture client relationships, you've got a step up in many sales roles.

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  • 7. french bilingualism

    In Canada, we have two official languages. At companies that have national sales and marketing teams where customers can speak either French or English, bilingualism is a huge asset. Bilingualism also increases your earning potential.

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  • 8. microsoft office

    Let's be honest: in 2020 almost anyone in an office job is expected to know rudimentary Microsoft Office skills. The true value is when you have deeper knowledge. Knowing the deep dive capabilities of Word, Excel and Powerpoint are especially valuable.

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best sales and marketing certifications in 2020

The top certification, Salesforce, should be no surprise for anyone who's ever worked in sales. Salesforce is well established as the leading CRM. If you work in sales, knowledge of Saleforce will get you far. The rest of the certifications rounding out this year's sales and marketing list are focused on digital marketing specialties, with Google's web analytics platform Google Analytics leading the pack.

best certifications

  • 1. salesforce certification

    When it comes to sales CRMs, Salesforce is the top player. It's the most robust and has a lot of features. A Salesforce certification shows potential employers that you know the ins-and-outs of Salesforce's extensive capabilities and are able to use it to the fullest extent.

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  • 2. google analytics certification

    Data is the future of marketing, and the the number one tool to analyze that data is Google Analytics. It's the web analytics platform of choice for the vast majority of companies. Getting your certification is free, and you can take beginner, advanced or enterprise courses.

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  • 3. hubspot inbound certification

    Hubspot is one of the most popular all-in-one sales and marketing tools on the market. It has a CRM, but it's best known for its inbound marketing tools. Hubspot's inbound marketing certification is its general purpose certification covering email, content, social, and lead conversion, making it a great starter certification for digital marketers.

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  • 4. google ads certifications

    Google Ads certifications (formerly Google AdWords certifications) establish your expertise in Google's ads platforms. The fundamentals certification is the most popular (though notoriously difficult to pass, with an 80% pass threshold). If you want to specialize further, you can also take certifications for Google Ads specialties such as search, display, video and shopping.

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  • 5. hubspot email marketing certification

    Email isn't dead! In fact, the share of marketing budgets spent on email is actually on the rise. If you want to specialize in email marketing, Hubspot's email marketing certification is the one to get to prove you know your stuff when it comes to crafting subject lines and optimizing open rates!

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  • 6. hootsuite certification

    Social media has a growing impact on our lives, and has developed entire segments of marketing onto itself (hello influencer marketing!). For those wanting to focus their career in social media marketing, Hootsuite is the most popular all-encompassing certification. Many social media sites offer their own certifications (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) but Hootsuite is a good all-in-one stop for people who don't want to maintain 500 individual certifications.

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