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construction worker jobs in canada

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Construction managers are responsible for overseeing construction projects and the allocation of personnel and resources for these construction projects. Construction managers are a key part of the building process, even before it begins. Construction managers work with architects to review blueprints, make timetables for tasks, determine what materials and labour are necessary, and ensure that all plans are  up to code before the project breaks ground.

construction worker jobs in canada

what construction manager jobs entail

In construction manager jobs, you can expect your tasks to vary greatly depending on the type of project you are currently working on. You could be working indoors or outdoors, in a building or underground, or in many other situations. A construction manager job will generally require you to work full time and both before and after the project has been completed to ensure that all details and specifications have been met. As a construction manager you will have other individuals such as construction workers who report to you and who you are responsible for.

construction worker salaries in canada

average construction manager salaries

In Canada, the average construction manager job will net you approximately $87,000 annually. If you’re just entering the role of construction manager, you can expect to make around $50,000 per year. Once you have gained on the job experience and skills in a construction manager job, you can except to see your salary increase up to $150,000, depending on where in Canada you live and the type of projects that you work on.

salaries across canada

  • toronto construction manager salary

    $75,500 - $141,800 per hour

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  • vancouver construction manager salary

    $75,200 - $139,200 per hour

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  • montreal construction manager salary

    $80,600 - $133,400 per hour

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  • calgary construction manager salary

    $76,400 - $150,000 per hour

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construction worker jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

As a construction manager, you could be responsible for overseeing a variety of different construction projects, such as buildings, roads and other structures. Some of the day to day tasks you can expect include:

  • managing and planning construction projects
  • enforcing safety measures and company regulations
  • overseeing contractors and construction workers
  • developing schedules for building objectives
  • reviewing blueprints of projects
  • determining what materials and labour are necessary for a project
  • managing the costs of a project
construction worker jobs in canada

where you can work

Construction managers are needed any time there is a construction project, either large or small. The type of projects you will be involved in will vary based on what infrastructure or buildings are currently needed in the area in Canada you live in. If you choose to work as a construction manager in Canada, there are many opportunities and places for you to find employment.

The number of engineering and construction projects is expected to increase in the energy and transportation sector in Canada in the coming years, which means the demand for skilled and experienced project managers will grow. Canada is also seeing a surge of projects for residential buildings such as condos. These projects will also require talented construction managers.

construction manager jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

Construction managers must excel at planning and executing large scale and multi-step projects. Some of the main skills needed in a construction manager jobinclude:

  • strong analytical skills
  • good decision making skills
  • strong management skills
  • strong written and verbal communication
  • technical knowledge and abilities
  • good time management skills

training and certifications

To work in a construction manager job, employers generally look for a combination of education and work experience. Employers often look for several years of experience in roles such as contractor or other skilled construction related roles. Individuals hired as construction managers often have a bachelor’s degree in a construction related field such as construction science, architecture, or engineering. In place of a bachelor’s degree, a 2 year college degree, coupled with on-the-job experience may also be considered sufficient for some employers.

where your career is headed

There are many career paths you can take if you work as a construction manager. Many individuals who work in this role will choose specialized management positions where they will work on specific types of projects related to their role. Some examples of specialized construction management roles include facilities manager, site engineer, or sustainability consultant. If you work as a construction manager, you have the talent and experience necessary to lead a team of people and to be in charge of a large project. These skills and your experience can lead to a variety of different jobs and can make for an extremely rewarding career in the construction field.

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