In 2024, marketing professionals are facing extreme shifts in the way they work. 

Many companies transitioned to remote work, employers allowed their teams to continue working from home or in a hybrid model. As a result, hybrid working is now seen as a norm for industry professionals. 

Technology also continues to be a major driver in marketing. 

More businesses deploying advanced systems creates a growing demand for tech-savvy workers. Employers are looking for candidates with the experience and skills to leverage digital tools and platforms to track and improve performance on all fronts.


the best jobs in marketing for 2024

As you look closer at our list of most in-demand jobs in the marketing sector for 2024, you’ll see new roles, such as marketing coordinators, product managers and marketing directors. Positions such as digital marketing specialist, digital marketing manager and communication specialist are also in high demand for 2024. 

marketing salaries expectations for 2024  

The average entry-level salary for marketing workers is $69,380 per year, whereas the highest-performing marketing professionals earn an average of $115,500 annually. Mid-level positions earn an average annual salary of $100,000. Of course, this is just a broad overview of salaries in Canada. To get a more accurate estimation, check out our salary guide.

the most sough-after marketing skills

Find out what skills and certifications employers are looking for in marketing jobs in 2024. Candidates looking for a job in the marketing industry should be sure to include any of these valuable skills on their resumes. 

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