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Last year there were about 3,500 administrative assistants working in Calgary, slightly down from the previous year. As you might expect, given Calgary's economy is highly dependent on the oil and gas sector, many administrative assistants in Calgary work for companies that have ties to the energy sector such as engineering, construction and public administration.

administrative assistant salaries in calgary

Administrative assistants in Calgary are well compensated when you compare nationally. In general, Calgary tends to have higher wages across most industries, compared to many Canadian cities. As an administrative assistant, you'll be able to make a steady living:

Entry level: $41,500 to $49,800
Intermediate: $44.800 to $53,700
Senior: $48,200 to $57,600

op industries for admin assistants in calgary

In Calgary, the top industries that need administrative assistants are:

  1. architecture & engineering
  2. public administration
  3. building contractors
  4. employment services
  5. elementary/secondary schools

in demand skills in calgary

Looking to work as an administrative assistant? These are the top skills employers seek out when hiring for an administrative assistant job in Calgary:

  • customer relationship management
  • knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint
  • bilingual French speakers
  • knowledge of Oracle PeopleSoft
  • experience with Adobe Suite

next steps for administrative assistants

As an administrative assistant, the direction your career takes is really up to you. The skills you learn qualify you for a variety of administrative and clerical roles, and can also be transferred into industries such as sales, marketing and HR.

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