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As a talent acquisition specialist, you have a background in HR, but you’ve chosen to specialize in the recruitment and retention of a skilled and productive workforce.

Talent acquisition jobs require more than searching resumes for keywords and arranging interviews. You will establish relationships with managers and attract skilled workers. You will project future trends in the candidate talent pool. Your work can affect key business objectives, such as laying the groundwork for innovation and new technology. Talent acquisition specialists  contribute to the bottom line in countless ways.

what talent acquisition jobs entail

In a talent acquisition job, you'll likely report to a manager or director of human resources, or directly to a business owner. Normally, you’ll work regular hours from 9 to 5, though you may occasionally be required to work late to meet deadlines, or reach out to candidates who hold non-standard hours.

average talent acquisition salaries

Depending on your level of experience and location in Canada, you will earn between $37,000 and $76,000 annually in a talent acquisition job. The more hiring experience you have under your belt, the higher your salary can climb. The average talent acquisition salary is approximately $54,000 per year. You can earn more in large corporations in metropolitan areas like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary where a high volume of talent acquisition jobs are located, due to the large job markets in major cities.

your day to day tasks

In a talent acquisition role, your main role is to support hiring in your organization. Your daily tasks can include:

  • determining the needs of hiring managers 
  • researching, sourcing and screening candidates
  • attracting new candidates
  • monitoring online portals and incoming emails from applicants
  • managing candidates during the recruitment process
  • scheduling interviews, preparing candidates, requesting feedback
  • conducting interviews
  • administering tests, scoring test results and ranking candidates
  • coordinating reference and background checks
  • writing and extending job offers
  • providing orientation for new employees

where you can work

Talent acquisition positions are found in mnay industries, with the majority of opportunities found at large corporations. Canada’s economy is recovering after a protracted period of disappointing growth. As companies grow, your experience is needed to help them add to their teams.

The outlook is positive for most industries, including manufacturing, construction, technology, services and tourism. This is good news for talent acquisition specialists who will find jobs in the highest growth areas of Vancouver, Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg, Victoria and Montréal.

what you bring to the table

Talent acquisition roles require you to be a keen judge of people and their skills. You’re perceptive about subtle cues that reveal candidates’ competencies, such as body language and the ability to relate to others. Talent acquisition jobs require the following:

  • written and verbal communication skills
  • a desire to work with people
  • ability to assess skills and competencies
  • ability to exercise tact and discretion
  • experience with online tools used to research candidate profiles
  • experience using an applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • proficiency using email, word processing, presentation software and online platforms such as LinkedIn

training and certifications

To find a talent acquisition role, you’ll need a post-secondary education in an human resources field. Numerous certification programs are also available for you to specialize in the field of talent acquisition. The nationally recognized level of achievement is Chartered Human Resources Professional (CHRP).

where your career is headed

Attaining certifications and gaining experience will provide you with opportunities to advance your career to the managerial level. Professionals with the CHRP designation earn more and often take management roles in their profession within five years of working in the field.

Becoming an HR manager is a common goal for those who take on talent acquisition jobs. The increased competition among employers to attract and retain competent staff means your skills are in demand. As you think about the next steps in your career, consider activities such as developing hiring strategies, training, and overseeing mentorship programs to replace the many workers about to retire.

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