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Marketing specialists have a wide variety of marketing skills and possess the ability to work on all types of marketing campaigns – email marketing, social media, digital ads, SEO, content marketing and more.

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marketing specialist jobs in canada

about marketing specialist jobs

As a marketing specialist, you develop, execute and monitor marketing plans, consulting, monitoring, adjusting and advising based on the performance of the marketing campaign.

Working collaboratively with marketing managers, coordinators and other marketing professionals, you oversee marketing campaigns and initiatives, focused on particular tasks. You work across marketing departments with a variety of stakeholders to accomplish your goals.

marketing specialist jobs in canada

what marketing specialist jobs entail

The way marketing departments operate continues to shift as technology makes it easier to work from anywhere. While most marketing specialists work standard office hours, you may be able to work remotely on occasion. Most marketing specialists work standard office hours, but may be required to attend marketing events and put in extra hours to meet project deadlines. You will typically report to a marketing manager or senior marketing professional.

marketing specialist salaries in canada

average marketing specialist salaries

As a marketing specialist in Canada, you can expect an average salary in the $50,000 per year range. In your first year, you can expect a starting salary of about $40,000 annually. With 5 or more years of experience as a marketing specialist, you can make up to $70,000 or more. Some positions may also include yearly bonuses, profit sharing, commission, and other opportunities to boost your salary.


salaries across canada

  • toronto marketing specialist salary

    $47,900 to $80,600

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  • vancouver marketing specialist salary

    $48,000 to $80,000

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  • montreal marketing specialist salary

    $45,000 to $75,600

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  • calgary marketing specialist salary

    $49,200 to $82,500

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marketing specialist jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

A marketing specialist’s typical day can vary greatly. There are some tasks that you’ll do daily, such as check email, monitor current campaigns, and interact with clients. However, there are many other things that will be part of your role. Among the many hats you wear, you’re responsible for:

  • creating ideas for new campaigns
  • working with clients on projects
  • reporting to clients and leaders, providing updates
  • setting up and monitoring campaigns
  • performing market analysis
  • planning marketing events and trade shows
  • overseeing a general marketing program or design
  • delivering components of a marketing campaign
  • analyzing marketing data
  • social media management
  • content writing, blogging
marketing specialist jobs in canada

where you can work

There is no limit to where you can work in Canada or the type of industry. All companies require marketing specialists to help conduct campaigns. This means you could work for a large corporation, small or medium sized business, or an agency anywhere in the country.

marketing specialist jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

As a marketer, you’ll need a combination of marketing, business, and communication skills to be successful. The skills you need to succeed as a marketing specialist include:

  • organizational and time-management skills
  • communication skills, written and verbal
  • knowledge of software programs, databases, spreadsheets and graphics programs
  • research skills and ability to gather and analyze data
  • creativity and the ability to think outside the box
  • blogging and social media skills
  • the ability to get the job done and work under tight deadlines

training and certifications

Marketing Specialists usually have a university degree in marketing, communications, journalism, or business. A post-graduate degree, like a master’s in marketing or related fields is a bonus and can give you an advantage over other candidates apply for the same jobs as you.

Since a marketing specialist is not an entry level position, having several years of successful marketing experience in an entry level role or as an intern is an asset. Taking marketing certification courses such as the Certified Marketing Management Professionals (CMMP), or Certified Marketing Specialist from the Canadian Marketing Association will help you develop your skills and prove you want to excel in your career, something companies are looking for in candidates.

where your career is headed

Companies that see the value in a robust marketing strategy – in particular, companies in large urban centers – hiring marketing specialists to brainstorm, implement new strategies and help them reach new markets.

For many marketing specialists, the next step up in their career involves moving on to more senior marketing positions, including marketing manager, product marketing manager, marketing communications manager, and other related management positions. Many marketing specialists also go on to open marketing agencies or take a senior role at smaller marketing companies. 

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