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Being a back end developer puts you behind the scenes to help a website run flawlessly through the server-side applications and databases it needs to provide services to visitors or customers. You are responsible for how the site delivers information from the back end to the visitor, providing them with a desktop-like experience in a browser.  

Almost every business has a website, and large or medium-sized businesses rely on them to promote and inform visitors about their products or services. Your back end management can help an employer better present what they do in a seamless way.

account manager jobs in canada

what back end developer jobs entail

Back end developers work on background processes, helping front end developers and designers who are responsible for the elements customers actually see. Back end developers are not expected to have strong knowledge of design and functionality and deal more with the supporting infrastructure. This is usually a full-time position, though freelance or contract work isn’t uncommon. You will most likely report to an IT manager or project manager.

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average back end developer salaries

Back end developer jobs start around $60,000, with a steady increase over five years. Back end developers can be highly sought after by employers looking to overhaul an existing website to better serve visitors, or help front end developers and designers realize a new vision. These jobs are in demand, particularly in Alberta and Ontario, though may also fall into web developer roles in other markets.

salaries across canada

  • toronto back end developer salary

    $65,600 to $121,800

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  • vancouver back end developer salary

    $72,200 to $129,500

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  • montreal back end developer salary

    $55,700 to $105,600

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  • calgary back end developer salary 

    $72,200 to $129,500

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your day to day tasks

Your job as a back end developer is focused on how the back end supports the front end user experience. This may require working closely with the web designer and front end developer to ensure everything runs as it should. Some of your daily tasks will include things like:

  • managing databases
  • building server-side software applications
  • ensuring the site runs smoothly from the back end
  • troubleshooting any issues that may arise
  • amassing analytics and metrics reporting
account manager jobs in canada

where you can work

Employers need back end developers to help streamline and modernize the user experience for those visiting the site by ensuring the back end assets function optimally. Many companies have a web presence now because of how it helps inform and promote the products and services they offer. The range is extensive, where it can include offices, banks, technology firms, e-commerce sites, travel, hotels, and many more.

The growing reliance on an effective online presence that is interactive and immersive opens up a number of possibilities and jobs for back end developers to fill.

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what you bring to the table

As a back end developer, you work with web designers and front end developers to deliver a complete web experience to visitors and customers. Back end developers can bring a mix of certified training and self-taught experience to the job. Skills that are transferable across back end developer jobs:

  • knowledge of Hadoop, Apache Spark and big data tools
  • in-depth knowledge of database tools, like SQL
  • in-depth knowledge of web server technology, like J2EE,
  • Apache, Nginx and IIS
  • you know how to use back end frameworks, like Express.js
  • you know server-side programming languages
  • you can troubleshoot and fix bugs

training and certifications

Back end developers may get their initial training through a computer science degree, while also augmenting their skills by earning certificates for different programming languages and frameworks. Certification in web development can also be helpful in establishing a greater degree of competence and capability in such a role. Learning the coding and framework languages is very important to being successful in this role and moving up.

As websites become more dynamic, and the need to apply similar experiences to mobile browsers and apps increases, being a back end developer will likely require learning about new technologies and techniques over time.

where your career is headed

Back end developers are important to maintaining and securing the data that visitors provide through the various interactive elements offered on the front end. Making the process smooth and painless is important to a company’s image, and that’s why this role can be especially relevant. Employers are looking to hire capable developers who know how to help them maintain a robust online presence.

latest back end developer jobs available

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    2018-12-12 Toronto, Ontario Permanent $ 70,000 - $ 85,000 per year

    We are looking for two full stack developers for join our team! Our company thrives on those who are passionate about what they do and are willing to learn! This role pertains to the development of software and maintenance of systems. Reporting to the Manager, Operational Systems, you will develop ...

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  • Developer (ON DEMAND) Halifax

    2018-11-29 Halifax, Nova Scotia Temporary

    Due to continued demand, we are pro-actively recruiting for Developers for upcoming contract opportunities for our clients in Nova Scotia. We are seeking those with the following skills: -5+ years of experience as Developer Do you have experience with one of the following: ---Web Developer ---Front ...

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