the top 15 jobs in canada in 2019

The roles that are most in demand in 2019 cover a lot of ground. There are blue collar roles like driver, general labourer and welder. There are administrative roles like receptionist and administrative assistant. Then there are white-collar professional roles like project manager, accountant and HR manager. The need for skilled talent in a diverse range of fields is a good sign for Canada's economy. We're not relying on a single sector to drive growth. So, no matter where your strengths lie, there's a booming sector where your skills can be put to good use.


sales associate

Sales associates, or sales representatives rise one spot to become most in demand job in Canada in 2019. Businesses count on talented salespeople to move products off shelves and into customers' hands. B2B salespeople are also in demand. Innate sales ability and an outgoing personality will help you succeed in this field.

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administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are the cornerstone of office workplaces. They tirelessly support their colleagues, providing tools, resources and assistance to keep the office running like a clockwork. In 2019, administrative assistants who can handle traditional clerical tasks, as well as more specialized tasks like accounting and bookkeeping functions are in the highest demand.

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Drivers of all kinds are in demand in Canada. From long-haul drivers, to delivery drivers, to forklift drivers, if you know how to drive a commercial vehicle your skills are highly sought-after by employers. Having your commercial vehicle driver's license, or a certification to operate forklifts are particularly in demand in this field.

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Developers feed our obsession with tech, building websites, smartphone apps, business software and anything else that runs on code. So it should come as no surprise that developers are one of the most in-demand professions. In fact the tech sector is the fastest growing in Canada. Though developers of all stripes are desperately needed, full stack developers who know both front end and back-end programming are the most in demand. 

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Receptionists are the first face that greets customers or clients. They're responsible for making the critical first impression at a place of business. Though customer service is clearly an important element of being a great receptionist, basic tech-skills are in high demand in this field. Knowledge of telephone systems and computer programs that log customer information are also a key part of any modern receptionist job, and will make you an attractive candidate in 2019. 

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Cashiers are the final point of contact before a customer makes a purchase. Cashier is a relatively low-skill job, making it an easy entry point into the job market. Despite concerns that cashiers would be replaced by automated tech such as kiosks and self-checkouts, we're not seeing that concern reflected in reality quite yet. Cashiers who are friendly, personable and focused on the customer experience remain in demand in 2019. 

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general labourer

General labourers are the jack-of-all-trades in the Canadian labour market. They fill in gaps in the workforce, taking on a variety of tasks that need to be done to keep businesses running smoothly. From cleaning tasks, to loading and unloading materials, to general handiwork, being a general labourer requires hard work, determination and openness to taking on physically demanding tasks. General labourer dropped a few spots from the number one most in-demand job in 2018.

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project manager

Project managers are needed in a variety of sectors ranging from IT, to engineering, to marketing. Project managers typically have a background in the field they're working in, but also have general project management expertise and the ability to juggle complex projects, effectively managing budgets and people. Project managers with a project management professional (PMP) certification are especially in demand in 2019.

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account manager

Account managers are the primary point of contact in business to business (or B2B) relationships and are needed in a variety of industries ranging from IT to consulting to sales and marketing. Account managers are experts in relationship building. They keep their existing roster of clients happy, while also seeking out opportunities to sign new prospects. Key skills employers look for in account manages include knowledge of CRM software and a strong sales ability.

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Welder is new on the list of top 15 jobs for 2019, but if you've been paying attention to Canada's shortage of skilled trades workers, it should come as no surprise. The average age of skilled trade workers, including welders, is much higher than in other professions, indicating the skilled trades shortage will only get worse. If you're looking to get into an in-demand field with lots of opportunities and don't mind working with your hands, welding is a career path.

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Accountants are money experts. They oversee budgets and spending for either individuals and corporations, depending on their role. There are also many in-demand specializations within the accounting field such as payroll, accounts payable and receivable, taxation, government, and auditing, among others. A CPA designation remains the gold standard in the accounting field in Canada and will all but guarantee you have employers lining up at your door.

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registered nurse

Canada's elderly population is growing, and that's putting strain on our healthcare system. At the present time the healthcare sector in Canada is dramatically understaffed. That's led to a desperate need for medical professionals, including nurses. Registered nurses fill the gaps in Canada's healthcare system, providing general support for patients, assisting doctors and ensuring patients receive a high level of care.


electrical engineer

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing products and systems that have electricity running through them. From designing electronics, to working in the energy sector, to telecommunications, the skills of an electrical engineer have countless applications in our modern tech-obsessed world. Though most engineering disciplines are experiencing workers shortages, electrical engineers are particularly in demand in 2019.

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HR manager

The past year, Canada's unemployment rate has remained extremely low. That's put a spotlight on the importance of the HR function as companies struggle to recruit top talent in a tight job market. HR managers are responsible for setting the direction of their organization's HR policies, and ensuring that current employees stay happy and engaged, while also managing a steady pipeline of talent to fill emerging roles.

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If you've ever stepped foot into a retail store, you've probably experienced the work of a merchandiser first-hand. Merchandisers play a key role in selecting and displaying inventory in retail spaces. With the growth of online shopping, retailers are counting on merchandisers to build positive retail experiences that keep customers coming to brick-and-mortar stores.

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source of data

The top 15 jobs were determined using a combination of data from Gartner Talent Neuron and Randstad's internal tracking systems, which measure job openings, job placements and other data in various Canadian markets.