the top 15 jobs in canada in 2018

The roles that are taking off in Canada in 2018 cover a diverse range of industries. From blue collar jobs like general labourer, assembler and forklift operator, which are essential to keeping Canada's strong manufacturing sector running smoothly, to high-tech roles like software engineer, to various professional roles like accountant, project manager, and administrative assistant, there's a job for everyone. Learn more about the top jobs in Canada and see the jobs available in each.


general labour

General labourers are the backbone of Canadian industry. They take on all kinds of tasks that need to be done to keep businesses running smoothly. From cleaning tasks, to loading and unloading materials, to general handy work, being a general labourer requires you to be a jack-of-all-trades. In 2018, general labours are the most needed role in Canada.

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sales representative

Sales representatives are the second most in demand job in Canada in 2018. Businesses count on talented salespeople to move products off shelves and into customers' hands. B2B salespeople are also in high demand. An ability to sell products and services to businesses is a key skill that will increase your attractiveness to employers in this sector.

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Who doesn't hate doing their taxes? Thankfully we have accountants to take care of that! Though filing taxes may be part of an accountant's duties, they also handle all kinds of other accounting and record keeping tasks, helping businesses and individuals manage their finances. In this field a CPA designation is the gold standard and will all but guarantee you steady employment in 2018. 

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engineering project manager

Engineering projects managers ensure that construction projects are completed without a hitch. From overseeing the construction of a high-rise condo in Toronto, to building a bridge in Halifax, to digging a reservoir in Calgary, engineering project managers are on the job. With the federal government's push to fund infrastructure and a booming housing market, engineering project managers will continue to be in demand in 2018.

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business analyst

Business analysts play a vital role in helping businesses operate efficiently. Depending on the scope of their role, business analysts may be involved in strategic planning, analysis, and optimization of internal business systems, processes and software. Business analysts require both tech skills and financial knowhow, so you'll find jobs that lean a little more on one or the other.

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customer service rep

Customer service reps are the final point of contact before a customer makes a purchase, making their interactions a vital part of the sales funnel for any business. In 2018, customer service reps with knowledge of CRM software have a huge advantage, and are in high demand in the market.

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IT project manager

IT project managers typically have a background in development or IT, which enables them to guide a team of developers, analysts and other tech professionals in completing complex tech projects. Tech professionals often transition in project management to advance their careers. To be an IT project manager, you must be highly tech-savvy and able to efficiently manage time, budgets and people.

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account manager

Account managers are the primary point of contact in business to business relationships. As B2B sales are a crucial component for many buisinesses, it's no surprise that account managers are in demand in 2018. Account managers are tasked with keeping existing clients happy, and finding opportunities with potential clients. A skilled account manager has the ability to significantly impact a business' bottom line.

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software engineer

Software engineers are the brains behind the software that runs on devices we use daily. From desktop software, to web applications, to smartphone apps, software engineers handle them all. So it should come as no surprise that filling software engineer jobs is a top priority for employers in a variety of sectors. It's no longer just tech companies that are building software. Every industry from banking, to ecommerce, to government, and everything in between, requires software to function. In 2018, software engineering is a candidate-driven field, so skilled candidates have their pick of jobs.

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forklift operator

Last year, ecommerce had its most profitable year to date, and that shows no sign of slowing down in 2018. Ecommerce growth has led to a rise in warehouses and fulfillment centres in Canada. These operations need certified forklift operators to move, stack and inventory merchandise. Looking to get into a forklift role? The good news is employers will often sponsor your forklift training in return for a commitment to their organization.

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The past year was a strong one for the Canadian economy, which means businesses are expanding and adding new employees to their ranks left and right. Recruiters ensure companies are able to find and hire talented employees with the skills and experience they need to grow. Though recruiters are needed in all industries, in 2018, recruiters are especially in demand in candidate-driven fields like technology and engineering.

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administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are a cornerstone of the office workplace. They ensure that other office workers have the tools, resources and support they need to turn in great work. In 2018, administrative assistants must be able to handle a variety of tasks ranging from basic clerical tasks like filing and scheduling, to more specialized tasks like accounting and bookkeeping functions. Tech savvy candidates with an affinity for accounting are in high demand in 2018.

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Assemblers are an essential part of the manufacturing industry. Though we've been hearing for years that assembling jobs will eventually become fully automated, it hasn't come to pass yet. In fact, the number of assembling jobs is on the rise in 2018. Canada's manufacturing sector had a strong year, and the creation of new assembler jobs followed. In 2018, tech-savvy assemblers who are capable of operating a variety of heavy machinery are especially in demand.

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Much like assemblers, machinists play an important role in the manufacturing sector. Machinists are highly tech-savvy and skilled with their hands. They ensure the expensive machinery used in factories and manufacturing plants is put to good used and operates smoothly. In 2018 CNC machinists who are skilled with programming computer numerical controls are in especially high demand.

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Receptionists are the first face that greets customers or clients at a place of business. They're responsible for making a positive first impression, which can determine feelings about a company for years to come. Though customer service is clearly an important element of being a great receptionist, basic tech-skills are in high demand in this field. Knowledge of telephone systems and computer programs that log customer information are also a key part of any modern receptionist job, and will make you an attractive candidate in 2018. 

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source of data

The top 15 jobs were determined using a combination of data from Gartner Talent Neuron and Randstad's internal tracking systems, which measure job openings, job placements and other data in various Canadian markets.