the outlook for 2021

Canada’s economy is healing from the massive impact of COVID-19. That trend is expected to continue as restrictions loosen through 2021 and the virus is brought under control. Though a second wave of COVID-19 has swept through most of Canada, the economic impact has been much less severe. If you were laid-off in response to the economic downturn, there’s reason to stay positive as 7 in 10 employers in Canada plan to rehire laid-off employees once the crisis passes.

As we enter the ‘new normal’ in 2021, the world of work is adapting. Globally, companies have pivoted to find a path forward. That’s led to a large-scale shift to remote work, increased use of digital collaboration tools, new and improved health and safety policies, and updated office and workplace layouts, among many other changes. As we look to 2021, the prognosis is good for most sectors. If you have a strong and specialized skill set, there’s a job for you to showcase your strengths.

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