making room for religious differences in the workplace.

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With 20.6% of Canadians identifying as foreign-born on the last census, it's inevitable that people (and employers) will work with others who come from a different background or religion than they do. Most Canadians want to do everything they can to support their immigrant colleagues. However not everyone knows what that entails and tackling the subject can be tricky. To help you and your employees navigate some of the challenges that arise when employees from different backgrounds work together, we've put together a helpful resource.

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Providing appropriate support to employees from different backgrounds is critical. While you want to support their unique needs and challenges, you also want everyone to feel like a part of the team. Our HR experts have put together a resource to help you strike the right notes in a diverse workplace. What you'll find inside:

  • advice on addressing religious and cultural differences in a sensitive manner
  • what's required of you as an employer in regards to making religious accommodations
  • tips to support a diverse, multicultural workforce

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