the hottest tech and IT jobs of 2017

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The technology industry is in a constant state of evolution. There's a never-ending supply of new and emerging trends to keep up with. If you enjoy the challenge of staying one step ahead of what's new and hot, you're going to love working in the technology industry. Technology moves at a breakneck speed and Canadian employers are eager to keep pace, offering unlimited opportunities for IT professionals to innovate, grow, and thrive.

The hottest technology trends of 2017 revolve around development and data analysis. As expected, coding ability remains incredibly in demand, due to slow growth of talent in this sector. If you're considering adding coding skills to your resume, Java tops the list of most in-demand programming languages. SQL, C#, and web development languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP aren't far behind!

If coding isn’t up your alley, other hot jobs in the tech sector include a variety analyst jobs. Organizations are constantly looking for ways to streamline business operations and increase sales. In today’s data-driven world, analyzing the abundance of information at their disposal is a key way that businesses to carve out a competitive edge and develop smarter operational strategies.

the hottest tech and IT jobs of 2017

the hottest technology careers in 2017

Technology is deeply entrenched in Canadian industry. Canada has long been a tech pioneer. From the advent of the telephone to the invention of IMAX, Canadians have had a hand in countless technological advancements, many of which are still in use today.

In today’s IT market, there’s an intense demand for skilled professionals with a variety of specialties spread across the tech spectrum. Canada’s highly competitive tech industry has led employers to aggressively recruit talented candidates with the skills and knowledge to drive growth and innovation. With the integration of technology into all aspects of modern living, Canadian IT professionals have a unique opportunity to blaze a career path in a promising industry with huge potential for growth.

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candidate demand across canada

Making up approximately 7% of the economy, Canada’s tech industry boasts 488,000 IT professionals, who work in diverse fields ranging from project management, to software development, to data analysis, to information security. The job market is teeming with experienced talent and employers are eager to take advantage of their expertise.

At any given time there are about 28,100 technology job listings active Canada. With the incredible selection of talent available, it only takes employers about 44 days, on average, to fill an IT job, right on par with the national average of 45 days.

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average IT and technology salaries in canada

The IT industry offers some of the most competitive salaries in the country. The median annual salary in the information technology sector is approximately, $76,000, which is just short of the average family income of $78,870, reported by Statistics Canada’s latest census.

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hot tech skills that will increase your employability in 2017

In the tech industry, the demand for skills is as diverse as the industry itself. From highly technical skills like coding and database management, to general skills like testing, quality assurance, and project management there’s room for plenty of different IT specialties to carve a career in 2017. A certification proving your skill in one of these areas will prove invaluable in 2017:

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industries where tech professionals are in demand

Some of the biggest names in software, information technology, finance, and retail are competing fiercely for the best and brightest IT talent. The incredible demand in industries across the board indicates how much businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on tech professionals. Technology is at the heart of business innovation – no matter what industry you choose to look at.

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