The 2023 salary guide is invaluable to help companies with their compensation planning for 2023 and beyond. 

The Great Resignation is still among us, with employees quitting their jobs in record numbers in search of new challenges. Rampant inflation has led both talent and employers to be more cautious, with talent asking for higher wages and employers adopting a wait-and-see recruitment strategy. 

For a winning strategy, companies must offer current and future employees competitive salaries they won’t be able to refuse, making the 2023 salary guide a priceless tool. 

what’s inside the 2023 salary guide

  • detailed salary data for hundreds of job titles and locations across Canada 
  • salaries defined for entry, intermediate, and senior experience levels 
  • salary trends, perks, and insights in 2023
  • why today’s talent leave and how to make them stay

The salary information used is generated by the Economic Research Institute (ERI), which rigorously compiles current market data about wages, cost of living, and compensation for more than 1,000 sectors.

The data in the 2023 salary guide also comes from a variety of sources, such as internal surveys on executive salaries and compensation from third parties. Our industry experts across Canada also validate it.

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