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Capturing the interest of the best and brightest professionals in your industry requires staying competitive with salaries, benefits and other forms of compensation. Ensure you're beating market rates with Randstad's 2019 professionals salary guide. Our salary guides are your secret weapon to understanding baseline salaries and composing enticing job offers that candidates will be eager to accept.

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With Randstad's 2019 salary guide at the ready, you have instant access to verified salary data for a wide variety of professions in sales, marketing, HR, finance, and accounting. Salary data is divided by location, job title, and experience level, providing you with accurate information to compose competitive offers that prime candidates won't be able to say no to!

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Have you ever wondered what colleagues with the same job title are making? Are you curious where in Canada your skills are most in demand? Or what roles you should be considering as you take the next step in your career?

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Randstad's 2019 Professionals Salary Guide has essential information to help you understand your place in the Canadian job market. From Vancouver to Halifax, we've compiled average salary data for Canada's major cities. See average salary data for popular job titles in sales, marketing, HR, finance, and accounting. Salaries are sorted by experience and location, so it's easy to pinpoint where you fall on the salary spectrum.

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