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The latest edition of the Randstad Award survey revealed that salary remains the number one priority for Canadian job seekers. This is especially true in competitive industries, like technology and IT where job seekers have a wealth of exciting opportunities to consider.

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How do you ensure that your company is on the short-list of great places to work when the market is saturated with job opportunities? Randstad's 2019 Technology Salary Guide is your secret weapon. This guide contains average salary data for dozens of established and emerging tech and IT jobs. Salary data is sorted by geographic location and years of experience, so no matter what role you're hiring for, you'll know what others in your industry are offering.

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Your employer counts on your technical expertise to keep business running smoothly. Your skills are valuable and you should be fairly compensated for your contributions. Find out if your salary aligns with the skills you bring to the table.

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Find out what the average salaries are for in fields such as development, analytics, security, big data, system administration, project management, tech support, and a variety of other IT jobs and specialties. Salary data is arranged by location and years of experience, so it's easy to pinpoint where you fall on the salary spectrum.

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