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where human resources jobs in canada are headed

We're seeing an increased demand for HR professionals with knowledge of succession planning. As Millennials and Gen Z surge into the Canadian workforce, they need to be taught the skills to replace retiring Boomers. Half of the Boomer generation is already over 65, and the rest aren't far behind. HR professionals with the skills to develop younger workers and prepare them to take over vacated senior and management roles are in high demand. Another big trend is being able to adapt to flexible workplaces. The days of strictly enforced 9 to 5s are waning. New work habits emerging, like a rise in contract, temp and freelance work, working from home, and shared workspaces. To be effective, HR professionals must adapt and meet the shifting needs of these workers.


the best HR careers in 2018

With labour shortages in industries like tech, engineering and skilled trades, the need for talented HR staff is as high as ever. The list of 2018 best jobs in HR is relatively unchanged from last year, with HR managers, recruiters and generalists taking the top 3 once again. 

General-purpose HR roles have also remained in demand. HR generalists, HR coordinators and HR assistants are able to handle a variety of human resources tasks, making them a perfect addition to compact HR teams that prioritize skill diversity over specialization.


growth in HR jobs in 2018

There are currently over 130,000 human resources professionals in Canada. There was an increase of 3,925 jobs in HR in the past year, indicating healthy growth. Almost one-third of the new jobs are in Toronto. Edmonton and Quebec City also showed strong growth. That said, wherever there are people to be managed, human resources professionals are needed. With the right skill set, you should find human resources opportunities from coast to coast.

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average HR salaries in 2018

The median HR salary in 2018 is $63,400, just slightly up from $63,000 in 2017. While it isn't much, it's still growth! HR continues to be one of the better paid sectors in Canada. The bottom 10% of earners make $40,600 or less, while the top 10% of earners make $86,200 or more.    

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the best HR skills in 2018

The list of top HR skills is very similar to last year's with CHRP and HRIS taking the top 2 spots once again. However succession planning has moved up to the 3rd most in demand skill. This could indicate companies are looking for HR experts to help them transition Millennials and younger generations into management roles, as Boomers head into retirement, leaving a gap in senior and executive roles.

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top industries hiring HR professionals

The list of industries hiring HR professionals in 2018, looks quite different than last year. Manufacturing and engineering have had a really good year in Canada, so it makes sense they'd need HR professionals to help recruit for growing demand. The increase in HR jobs in construction and government also makes sense when you consider the number of new infrastructure projects that were launched in the last year.

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