system analyst jobs

system analyst jobs

As a computer Software Engineer, you conduct research, develop and implement information systems development plans, policies and procedures, and advise on a wide ranges of information systems issues.  

You may be employed in information technology consulting firms, information technology research and development firms, and information technology departments throughout public and private sector organizations.  You may also choose to be self-employed.

System Analyst jobs pay well. More experienced System Analysts can eventually earn in the six-figure annual salary range. Because you often sit at a computer for long periods, you may enjoy some flexibility, such as the opportunity to dress casually or work from home.

system analyst jobs

system analyst job description

In the course of your workday, you:

  • work with clients to identify and document requirements, conduct business and technical studies, design, develop integrate and implement IT business solutions
  • advise on IT strategy, policy, management, security and service delivery
  • develop solutions by preparing and evaluating alternative workflow solutions
  • assess and analyze efficiency, effectiveness and overall quality of software products and systems
  • validates results by testing programs
  • conduct review to assess quality assurance practices, software products and IT systems


required skills

To succeed as a Systems Analyst, you need to be logical and detail-oriented. The following skills are also beneficial:

  • C, COBOL, software design, software documentation, software testing, software maintenance, software development process, software requirements, software architecture
  • ability to work in a team
  • communication skills


future possibilities

Experienced Systems Analysts enjoy abundant employment opportunities internationally, and across a variety of industries and public and private sectors, although demand can vary from year to year, depending on economic effects on certain industries. That said, because your role affects an organization’s strategic planning, your skills and experience are extremely valuable to your employer. Service Canada anticipates significant increase in hiring of Systems Analysts as businesses increase their investment in machinery and equipment, and dependence on technology for business profitability.

Salaries for information Systems Analysts are higher for those with master’s degrees and doctorates in computer science.



To enter the field, you need an undergraduate degree in computer science or another related field with a concentration in programming, like mathematics, commerce or business management, combined with programming experience. Some employers may hire you with a college diploma in computer science and a great deal of programming experience. It’s important to continue on-the-job training.


Additional certifications are always helpful. These can include courses in IT-related subjects, such as programming languages, or in other skills, like project management or people management. The more well-rounded you are, the better your chance for advancement.


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