2024 will be a challenging year for the HR sector. 

Due to changing employee expectations, many HR departments have been forced to adopt new working practices, including flexible working options. 

In addition, HR professionals will have to manage workforces made up of employees spanning four generations. 

The need for multi-generational recruitment and working practices that meet the needs of all these generations will be an imperative in 2024. 

Growing skills, labour shortages, and inflation are other significant challenges for the HR sector. 

To attract, hire and retain top talent, HR professionals must develop innovative recruitment practices, focus on employee engagement strategies, and invest in training and reskilling to help fill skill gaps.


Browse the following sections to learn more about what's coming up for recruitment professionals in the next year:

  • most in-demand HR jobs for 2024
  • salary trends for 2024: what can HR professionals expect?  
  • which industry needs HR the most?

most in-demand HR jobs for 2024  

Managers, recruiters and HR generalists continue to be Canada's most sought-after HR professionals. 

As companies focus on post-pandemic challenges, such as today's highly competitive job market, budget constraints and impending skills shortages, one new roles have appeared on the list of the top jobs: HR business partner.

salary trends for 2024: what can HR professionals expect?  

The average annual salary for mid-level HR professionals for 2024 is estimated at $93,600. The yearly salary of junior positions will be around $71,900. 

Professionals who have more experience or are in senior positions will reach six-figure salaries, with an average of about $116,200. 

Of course, these numbers can vary depending on your location and the type of position you're looking for. 

Check out our salary guide to get a better idea of the average salary for your job based on your location.

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which industry needs HR the most?  

While HR professionals are needed in nearly every sector, there’s a higher demand for these professionals in specific industries. 

For example, due to the large number of workers they employ, industries such as manufacturing, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools, Insurance Agencies and Brokerages and Engineering Services often require a dedicated HR department to handle both recruitment and workforce management. 

Other sectors, such as Employment Placement Agencies and Direct Life Insurance Carriers, need experienced recruiters to attract and hire the highly skilled workers they need.

the most sough-after HR skills

Find out what skills and certifications employers are looking for in HR jobs in 2024. Candidates looking for a job in the human resources industry should be sure to include any of these valuable skills on their resumes.

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