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Engineering contracts managers serve as the liaison between companies, vendors, contractors, and clients. Contract managers create, manage, and negotiate contracts between parties for a project or on an ongoing basis. Your role will also involve reviewing and seeking out new contracts. If you have a strong understanding of contract law, have experience in engineering, and enjoy the business side of the industry, contact Randstad Canada today to learn more about contracts manager career opportunities.

what contracts manager jobs entail

Contracts managers working within the engineering industry typically work 40 hours per week. You will work in an office setting. Some travel will be part of your job. You will travel to meet with vendors and clients. Overtime hours are possible during contract negotiations. You will split your time between working on a computer managing contracts, meeting with business partners, and working to ensure current contracts meet your company’s business objectives. You will often report to a senior project manager.

average contracts manager salaries in canada

The average annual salary for a contracts manager in the engineering industry in Canada is about $80,000. Salaries for this position range from about $60,000 up to $130,000 per year. Commission, performance bonuses and other financial incentives are also commonly included in your compensation plan. Experience in contract negotiation and project management can help increase your overall earning potential.

your day to day tasks

As an engineering contracts manager, you will be responsible for the creation, negotiation, and renewal of contracts with vendors, contractors, and suppliers. Here are some of the day-to-day tasks that will be included in your job description:

  • renew and negotiate contracts with suppliers, contractors, and customers
  • ensure contracts align with budgets
  • stay up to date with contract law, pricing and negotiations
  • ensure clients and other parties are satisfied with contracts
  • address contract issues as they arise
  • seek out new business deals
  • report to aproject manager or stakeholder regarding contract issues

where you can work

Engineering contracts managers work with many different companies within engineering. You can work for construction companies, land developers, design companies, suppliers, construction contractors and many more. You can also find opportunities in many other industries in business, retail, supply chain and more. Opportunities for contracts manager jobs can be found across Canada, especially in locations with a large engineering and construction presence.

what you bring to the table

Working as a contracts manager in the engineering industry requires you to have a combination of engineering knowledge and experience, business acumen, and contract law understanding. Here are some of the top skills hiring companies want to see in candidates:

  • exceptional negotiation skills
  • accounting and finance skills
  • interpersonal and management skills
  • experience with project management
  • knowledge of contract law in your region
  • understanding of engineering processes
  • time management and organizational skills

training and certifications

Candidates looking to work as a contracts manager in engineering are commonly required to have a degree in engineering. Degrees in business administration or business law are also an option. Some colleges and universities offer contracts management certificate programs and post graduate programs.

Many hiring companies also require a number of years of work experience within engineering or construction. Senior level engineering contracts managers may also be required to have professional certification. Additional training and coaching may be provided by hiring companies during onboarding.

where your career is headed

Contracts management careers have a series of steps. If you are currently in an entry level contracts management role within engineering, you can look forward to taking on larger contracts and projects. With the right amount of experience, you can move into a senior contracts management role. Some contracts managers move into project management and other related roles.

Looking for an engineering contracts management role? Looking to break into the industry? Randstad Canada can help you identify the opportunities that are best suited for your experience level and skills. Contact us today to learn more about your career options.

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