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HR executives play an important role in organizations. You are responsible for managing the direction of an organization’s human resources functions – recruiting, training, development, and operation of the HR function of the organization.

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HR executives can have a number of different roles, responsibilities and titles, so specific duties will vary based on your job description. To be successful as an HR executive, you need vast experience in recruiting, hiring, benefits, HR policy, employee relations, and many other areas. If you are an experienced HR professional and looking to take the next step in your career, contact Randstad Canada today to learn about available positions in your area.

what HR executive jobs entail

HR executives work in an office environment. You will work normal business hours. Overtime may be required to meet deadlines. Some travel is part of the job. You will spend much of your day working on a computer or taking part in meetings. Depending on your title, you will report to another person in the executive branch or the board of directors.

average HR executive salaries

HR executive salaries can range widely based on the specific position, years of experience, and many other factors. HR executives are paid well. The salary can range from as little as $80,000 up to $220,000 or more. The average salary for this position is about $125,000. Profit sharing and performance bonuses are commonly part of your compensation package. Experience can help increase your overall earning potential.

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your day to day tasks

HR executives take on a multi-faceted role that involves all the key areas of human resources. You will be involved with both strategy and execution. Some responsibilities include:

  • providing strategic direction for HR
  • creating and updating compensation and benefits plans
  • establishing HR policies
  • updating policies based on labour laws and regulations
  • establishing hiring, recruiting, and onboarding processes
  • monitoring performance reviews
  • overseeing the HR budget

where you can work

HR executives typically work for large corporations in many industries, including healthcare, finance, education, business, and many other industries. Some HR executives work for third party human resource consulting firms. Most jobs are found in large cities across the country that have a large corporate presence.

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what you bring to the table

Human resources executives bring a lot to the table. They need to be HR experts, strong business professionals, and know how to communicate and manage people from the top down. You need to be able to multitask and make decisions that will impact the company and employees. Here are some of the skills hiring companies are looking for in HR executive candidates:

  • employee and labour relations
  • legal compliance
  • strong business sense
  • exceptional leadership
  • experience with CRMs and HR software
  • strategic planning and development
  • experience with labour laws
  • experience with payroll and benefits plans
  • strong interpersonal skills

training and certifications

To work at the executive level in human resources, candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or equivalent, at a minimum. Many executives have a master’s degree in human resources or a closely associated area of specialization. Having certification and training in specialized areas is an asset. Experience and a track record of success is highly desirable. Internal training and professional development is offered by hiring companies.

where your career is headed

HR executives generally work in the same role for a number of years. However, most specialize within an area of human resources such as payroll and benefits, labor relations, health and safety, or recruitment. Many executives move into director or VP roles within human resources.

Are you an experienced HR professional? Do you currently work as an HR executive and are looking to make a career move? We can help you with your job search. Contact Randstad Canada today to work with our executive recruiters to explore your career options.

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