Remote work and flexible hybrid approach used to be perks employers included to sweeten job offers or make up for salaries that didn't quite compete in the market. However, now everyone looks at remote and hybrid jobs as no longer an optional perk but something that is expected. 

Everyone has seen that companies can make these environments work. Over the past couple of years, businesses poured resources into developing processes and systems to enable and enhance remote work. Workers and business leaders want the ability to work from home to stay in some capacity. 

Discover 10 trending remote jobs below that are likely to let people work from home in 2023.

1. customer service representative

Customer service jobs work well in remote environments for many reasons. When set up correctly, an employee's home environment may be less distracting and more comfortable than a busy office with dozens or hundreds of customer service reps.

Cloud computing and online communication allow full customer service with remote or hybrid resources. Customer service reps now only need a reliable internet connection and a computer, and they can handle chat, email or phone customer service tasks. Resources such as Slack and cloud-based team management software make it easy to get in touch with a supervisor or ask other team members questions, so remote workers are not isolated.

2. software developer

Software developers typically work from any location that supports a decent internet connection. Almost all the developer's tools are virtual, and remote work locations can help programmers focus on the task at hand and productively troubleshoot software issues.

Companies continue to invest in tools such as Microsoft Teams to enhance communication for devOps teams working outside of the office, and tech candidates who are familiar with cloud tools may be able to make a case for remote work when they negotiate a job offer.

3. accountant/bookkeeper

Historically, accounting required a lot of physical paper, which might have kept this role in the office. But today, all or almost all accounting tasks are performed on computers, typically via cloud-based solutions. This helps make accounting a trending remote job.

Some accounting positions might work better with a hybrid approach, though. Financial auditors, for example, may need to spend some time on-site to conduct portions of audit trails that require physical inspection of systems or paperwork.

Bookkeepers have even more flexibility than some accountants, making this an ideal role for remote work. In most companies, they do all bookkeeping via the computer. Even when hard copy documents are involved, they're scanned into document management systems for easy access and viewing. 

Bookkeepers may have to sign off on their work. Many businesses have accommodated this by investing in e-signature technology to integrate with their document management systems.

Close up - Smiling woman holding a mug while talking to someone.
Close up - Smiling woman holding a mug while talking to someone.

4. business development representatives

People who work as business development representatives can complete their work almost anywhere with an internet connection. Business development representatives is a flexible job that can be remote or hybrid, as they are about nurturing leads and building long-term relationships with clients.

While business development reps may need to meet clients in person occasionally, they can do most of their work remotely. Using cloud computing, business development reps can take calls from their computers, send emails, and do almost all of their job remotely with a connection to the internet. 

5. digital marketer

The work of digital marketers is almost entirely online, so it makes sense this would be a comfortable position to move remotely. As with some of the other best remote jobs on this list, digital marketers can still work easily with teams and clients via cloud-based collaboration tools. 

One of the reasons this job is trending for 2023 is the pressure the pandemic and related economic forces have put on brands. The ability to attract foot traffic slowed to a crawl (or disappeared completely) for many businesses during the height of the pandemic, forcing businesses without a strong digital presence to learn to compete online. Even after things began to open, online marketing continues to play a critical role in the success of all types of businesses.

6. talent acquisition specialist 

Many talent acquisition specialist positions have moved to become remote positions. A talent acquisition specialist is responsible for sourcing, attracting, and interviewing prospective employees to find the perfect match for a company's long-term goals. They can complete almost all of their tasks online. 

With the advancement of technology, almost all talent acquisition software is online-based or cloud-based. It has become increasingly common for interviews to be conducted via video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. Which is convenient for the talent as well as the talent acquisition specialist.

7. project manager

Project managers lead, organize, and support efforts to develop new products and improve processes. A wealth of project management tools, including options such as Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and Microsoft Teams, makes it easy to convert this into a work-from-home position. That's especially true in companies where many other positions have gone remote.

While some collaboration efforts work best in person, project managers and teams can develop hybrid approaches that bring people together in conference rooms or rented office space as needed and let them otherwise work remotely. And the COVID-19 pandemic drove the creation and adoption of robust web conferencing platforms that provide many of the same benefits as in-person meetings.

Woman and man sitting at a table with coffee. Having a conversation. Smiling.
Woman and man sitting at a table with coffee. Having a conversation. Smiling.

8. data analyst

Data analysts work with large data sets, organizing raw information, pulling reports from relational databases and applying statistical analysis to draw conclusions that inform business decisions. They can do remotely all of this work thanks to cloud storage, which is the choice preferred by most businesses.

Even before the pandemic drove businesses to consider how cloud-based tools could support safer, remote work environments, cloud data storage was a growing trend. It's generally more secure than onsite storage and supports business continuity because employees can access data anytime.

9. administrative assistant

With entire teams sticking with hybrid or remote work, there's less need for administrative assistants to work at physically central desks. They handle most communication via phone, email and chat systems, and virtual assistants are becoming the norm.

In the post-pandemic world, admin assistants may be called on to manage digital team collaboration solutions, set up and troubleshoot web calls and continue to support teams or business leadership with communication, presentations, scheduling and administrative work.

10. help desk / IT support

Traditionally, at least some tech support had to be in the office to handle hardware troubleshooting. But if other team members aren't located in the office, that reduces the need for on-site help desk support.

Many support tickets can be resolved via email, chat or phone, and when an expert touch is required, virtual help desk staff can use VPN tools to log into a user's computer and fix the problem. Companies are also investing in remote work technology, such as virtual machines, limiting the amount of hardware that's actually in a remote worker's possession.

The pandemic and a desire for health and safety may have pushed businesses to invest in technologies and processes that make remote jobs more possible. But you can bet that these trends will stick around through 2023 and beyond.

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