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Assemblers are entry level positions within the manufacturing industry. Candidates are required to have strong manual dexterity, good attention to detail, and the ability to be well organized. Assemblers can work with a wide range of products. They can assemble and test anything from consumer goods like computers, to auto parts, appliances, and much more. Currently, there are close to 1,200 assembler jobs in Toronto. The number of assembler jobs has increased by 6.1% since 2007. Jobs in this area are steady, and demand grows in alignment with the manufacturing industry.

assembler salaries in Toronto

Assembler salaries are typically set based on experience. They type of products you work with and specialized knowledge requirements can impact your hourly wage. Here are the assembler salaries in Toronto:

Entry level salary: $15.90 - $18.60 
Intermediate salary: $17.40 - $20.30
Senior salary: $18.70 - $21.90

top industries for assemblers in Toronto

Even though it’s an entry level position, assemblers have some options in terms of the type of companies they can work for and the type of products they will be assembling and testing. Working with electrical products and components is common. If you are looking for assembler jobs, here are the top industries for assemblers in Toronto to focus on:

  1. Electric lighting equipment manufacturing
  2. Electrical equipment manufacturing
  3. Other electrical equipment and component manufacturing
  4. Employment services
  5. Ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing

in demand skills in Toronto

Assembler candidates should have experience and knowledge working with a variety of tools in a manufacturing and production line setting. Here are the in demand skills assembler candidates in Toronto should have to increase their chances of getting an interview:

  • Medical devices
  • Work order
  • Technical documentation
  • Blueprints
  • Forklifts

next steps for assemblers

Assembler jobs are changing. As technology becomes more complex, the skills and job roles for assemblers is evolving. Assemblers with technology and computer skills will be prime candidates and these skills will open the door to promotions.

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