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An automotive mechanic is a skilled individual who inspects and maintains vehicle components, ensures the functionality and longevity of vehicles. An automotive mechanic has training that enables them to perform a variety of different tasks involved in the maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles.

Automotive mechanic jobs generally require great coordination and dexterity. To excel in an automotive mechanic job you must have a good grasp of complex mechanical and electronic systems of the vehicles you are working on...

what automotive mechanic jobs entail

As an automotive mechanic, you will generally work in a repair shop, a dealership or in a parts store. No matter where you work, you will generally be performing basic auto care and maintenance. You will be involved in tasks such as maintaining vehicle functionality, replacing parts, repairing body damage. You will also need to have an understanding of shop equipment operation and have a good grasp at basic math for inventory and stock. You will generally work full time hours and report to an automotive mechanic manager or district manager, depending on the size of the shop you work in.

average automotive mechanic salaries

In Canada, depending on your level of experience and skill, automotive mechanic salaries range between approximately $45,000 per year to $70,000 per year. This will generally be paid in an hourly salary, so what you make will depend on the number of hours you work. Your salary will also vary depending on what kind of environment you work in and what location in Canada you work. See below for more details on the salaries of automotive mechanics in major cities in Canada.

your day to day tasks

Your tasks as an automotive mechanic will vary day to day. On an average day, the tasks that you will be involved in carrying out in automotive mechanic jobs are:

  • inspecting and testing vehicles for safety
  • engine tune ups
  • oil changes
  • tire rotation
  • repairing dysfunctional parts
  • maintaining vehicle appearance
  • operating shop equipment
  • keeping a log of work and issues

where you can work

Automotive mechanic jobs are found everywhere there are cars, which is everywhere in Canada! If you become an automotive mechanic, you will generally find employment in a shop, a dealership or a parts store. While automotive mechanic jobs are growing slower than the average employment rate, as experienced workers retire, more opportunities will open up in a variety of settings.

what you bring to the table

Automotive mechanics are extremely hard working and don’t mind getting a little bit dirty in order complete the job. In any automotive mechanic job, you will also have a variety of other skills and abilities such as:

  • knowledge of mechanical and electrical components of vehicles
  • ability to handle various tools and heavy equipment
  • knowledge of safety procedures
  • excellent physical fitness
  • good time management skills
  • mechanical inclination
  • attention to detail

training and certifications

If you are interested in a career as an automotive mechanic in Canada, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma. In addition, most shops prefer that their automotive mechanics have received additional certification from an apprenticeship program. Many colleges in Canada offer automotive mechanic training programs that will provide you with the skills necessary for a lifelong successful career as an automotive mechanic.

where your career is headed

There are many opportunities for automotive mechanics that have received training and certifications and have gone on to gain several years of experience. Hard working and skilled automotive mechanics often see promotions into roles such as team leader or manager after a few years on the job. Ambitious and successful automotive mechanics may be promoted into senior or management roles depending on the size of the shop they work for.

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