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business analyst jobs in vancouver

2017 saw a 5.1% growth in business analyst jobs in Vancouver, bringing the total number of jobs in the city to 4,900. Compared to other major Canadian cities, this was a significant increase in the number of business analyst positions.

business analyst salaries in vancouver

Business analyst salaries in Vancouver are comparable to those in other major Canadian cities. It is a comparably smaller market than Toronto, but it is growing meaning that more opportunity is forthcoming.

Entry level salary: $52.9k - $64.3k
Intermediate salary: $63.5k - $77.1k
Senior salary: $75.2k - $91.2k

top industries for business analysts in vancouver

Major sources of employment for business analysts in Vancouver include:

  1. management consulting services
  2. depository credit intermediation
  3. computer systems design
  4. management of companies
  5. office administration

in demand skills in vancouver

There are numerous skills business analysts should have to succeed, these are five that Vancouver employers are known to look for:

  • microsoft office
  • structured query language (SQL)
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • quality assurance (QA)
  • customer relationship management

next steps for business analysts

Business analysts can look forward to upward mobility and options in their careers. They may decide to take on more specialized analytical roles, but it is also possible that they may decide to take on leadership or managerial capabilities.

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