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General labourer jobs numbered approximately 10,900 in Vancouver in 2017. This was a 2.2% growth over 2016’s figures, and a positive change compared to most major Canadian cities. As Vancouver continues to grow, the demand for construction and labour-related jobs will increase too.

general labourer wages in vancouver

General labourer wages in Vancouver are among the best paying in Canada, although they still pay relatively less than their specialized counterparts in construction.

Entry level wages (hourly): $14.1 - $16.3
Intermediate wages (hourly): $15.9 - $18.4
Senior wages (hourly): $17.5 - $20.2

top industries for general labourers in vancouverThe majority of industries hiring general labourers in Vancouver are related to construction. Here are the top five:

  1. residential building construction
  2. foundation contractors
  3. non-residential building construction
  4. other specialty contractors
  5. building equipment contractors

in demand skills in vancouver

Vancouver employers seeking general labourers look for the following skills:

  • preventive maintenance
  • blueprints
  • forklifts
  • electrical systems
  • electrical repairs

next steps for general labourers

General labourers have a lot of flexibility with respect to how they may pursue their career in construction. They can develop skills on the job, pursue a trade, or seek out specialized training for a role. Eventually they may become skilled enough to take on a more senior role in construction.

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