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Your main role as an HR advisor is to support overall business operations and ensure the company maintains high standards. Working in collaboration with other HR professionals and people throughout the organization, you will be tasked with ensuring the company is in compliance with all labor laws, assist with employee training, coaching, and onboarding, and play a key role in recruiting and retention. In many companies, this is a senior level role that requires several years of previous experience working in HR and related positions.

what human resources advisors jobs entail

HR advisors work in a standard office environment. You work regular business hours and will report to the HR director, VP of HR, or another senior HR professional. Travelling to meet business partners, or attend meetings and conferences may also be part of your job description. HR advisor roles and duties vary based on company organization and business requirements.

average Human resources advisor salaries

The yearly average salary for human resources advisors in Canada is slightly more than $60,000. Upon entering the position, you can expect a starting salary of no less than $40,000 annually, and with a number of years of experience and strong performance, you could make up to $90,000 per year. There is lots of room to grow within this position. Bonuses and other benefits may also be part of your compensation package. Candidates with a strong background in performance management and organizational development tend to have higher salaries.

your day to day tasks

Since your main role involves many different aspects of HR, day-to-day you may be working on multiple tasks and initiatives. Some of your typical job responsibilities include:

  • managing recruiting and hiring
  • job and performance evaluations
  • training and coaching
  • negotiating employment terms with new employees
  • updating HR information systems
  • holding staff meetings
  • consulting on workplace issues
  • advising on legislation, policies, and procedures
  • supporting HR management
  • staff relations

where you can work

The majority of HR advisors work in the commercial or public sector. Some also work for government agencies. Companies you may work for include banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, and retailers, and opportunities for these roles exist across Canada. As with many other HR positions, you will have more opportunities in larger cities and in areas with a larger business presence. Some HR advisors work part time for multiple companies, are self-employed or are consultants for large companies.

what you bring to the table

In addition to having a strong background in human resources, the following skills are highly sought after for candidates seeking employment as a HR advisor:

  • strong multi-tasking
  • expert communication skills
  • the ability to read people
  • performance management
  • organizational development
  • project management
  • experience with HR functions

training and certifications

HR advisors are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, business or other related areas of study. A post graduate diploma or degree is an asset, as is internship experience. A master’s degree may be required by some organizations for senior level HR roles.

where your career is headed

As a human resources advisor, you have a number of career next steps to consider. Some candidates, once they gain ample experience, make a lateral role and take on a position as an HR business partner, HR director, or HR consultant, while others take a step up to positions such as employee relations manager, regional HR manager, VP of human resources, or similar. Some HR advisors also go on to work as an independent HR consultant for small businesses, or start their own HR consulting firm.

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