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Mobile application development is a career path with significant opportunities, particularly as an iOS developer who specializes in apps for Apple products. Working with a team of engineers and computer professionals, you will design and build next generation application for smartphones, iPads and other Apple-supported mobile technologies.

Working as an iOS developer can lead to many other career opportunities in the future as mobile app technology evolves. Career prospects in this area are very good. If you have the education, experience, and passion for app development, this is a great career choice for you.

what iOS developer jobs entail

iOS developers can work in a number of office environments. Some work in large IT departments, others work in a smaller boutique setting, and some even work remotely. Office hours vary from company to company and will depend on the project you are working on. Expect to work longer hours when nearing the launch of an application. In most cases, you will report to a project manager, a senior developer, or IT manager.

average iOS developer salaries

iOS developers in Canada can expect an average annual salary of about $65,000 per year, similar to Android developers and other app development professionals. To start you can expect to make just over $45,000 per year. With experience, you can make up to $100,000 or more per year. iOS developers with Apple Xcode, C++, iOS SDK and mobile app development experience have higher earning potential. Bonuses and employee benefits are commonly part of your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

As an iOS developer, your main job is to build Apple-based applications. However, there are many other tasks that will be part of your role. Here are some of the responsibilities you can expect to be part of your job:

  • designing and building applications for iOS platforms
  • collaborating with other departments
  • perfecting design and usability
  • test for robustness and usability
  • troubleshooting issues and ensuring apps are bug-free
  • improving, refining, and updating apps to improve functionality and efficiency
  • providing progress reports to management

where you can work

iOS developers typically work in the technology sector, but they are also in demand by companies in retail, sales, marketing, and many other industries. Companies from startups to large corporations require application developers to create customer-facing apps to help enhance customer experiences, improve engagement, and support sales and marketing campaigns. Most career opportunities exist in large cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and the Kitchener-Waterloo region, where technology has a large presence.

what you bring to the table

As an iOS developer, you will be required to be a well-rounded technology professional. While you excel in application development, you will need to work effectively in a team environment and be organized. Some of the skills required for the position include the following:

  • apple Xcode, apple Xcode IDE and iOS SDK
  • mobile application and software development experience
  • C++, JavaScript, PHP, C# and Swift coding languages
  • strong knowledge of mobile application lifecycles
  • an expert problem solver and troubleshooter
  • creative and innovative
  • strong organization and time management skills
  • ability to take initiative and work collaboratively

training and certifications

Companies seeking to hire iOS developers are looking for candidates with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related subject area. You will be expected to have experience in the software development industry, have a strong portfolio of your work, have previously published an iOS app, and have the required Apple product and development certifications. Additional training and certification may be provided once you are hired. Ongoing certification and skill development in mobile applications will be required as new technology enters the market.

where your career is headed

iOS developers are in high demand today, and there are ample career opportunities to pursue. Many iOS developers move from project to project. Since it is such a new career path and technology is this area continues to evolve, your career path can be somewhat undefined. However, some developers move on to become software engineers, application developers, technology project managers, Apple specialists, and work in other Apple-related computer environments.

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