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A career in the skilled trades is a great career option. One many consider is working as a machinist. Machinist jobs are ideal for people who are great with their hands, enjoy working with tools and machines, and have a strong attention to detail. Currently, there are close to 650 machinist jobs in Calgary. This is a 6% drop from 2007. If you are interested in machinist jobs in Calgary, make sure your skills and education are up to date. Jobs in this area are competitive.

machinist salaries in Calgary

Machinists are paid well and comparable to other skilled trade positions. Your average annual salary is often based on your level of experience. Machinists in Calgary make slightly more than workers in other parts of the country. Here are the average machinist hourly wages in Calgary:

Entry level salary: $20.10 - $24.20
Intermediate salary: $22.0 - $26.40
Senior salary: $23.80 - $28.50

top industries for machinists in Calgary

Machinists have skills and knowledge that is applicable to many industries and all types of manufacturing. It’s not surprise that machinists can find jobs in the mining, oil, and gas industries within Alberta. Here are some of the other top industries for machinists to look for jobs in the Calgary region:

  1. Machining shops and manufacturing
  2. Agricultural, construction and mining machinery manufacturing
  3. Rail transportation
  4. Mining, oil and gas activities
  5. General purpose machinery manufacturing

in demand skills in Calgary

The skills required by companies seeking machinists are ever-changing. Technology is playing a more prominent role in manufacturing and machining. Therefore, candidates need to have good technology skills to go along with their knowledge of machining. Here are the current in demand skills hiring companies in Calgary are looking for in machinist candidates:

  • CNC lathes
  • Engineering drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Micrometers
  • Machining centers

next steps for machinists

Machinists develop their skills and experience to move into management and more senior roles. Some move into education and work at trade schools. Many machinists are also upgrading their skills to work as CNC machinists.

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