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As a buyer, you will purchase ad space and timeslots on many different platforms such as radio, TV, print, billboards, and online via Google and social media. Knowing your audience and understanding how and where to target them is just as important as securing media real estate. If you have a strong background in media buying, have a desire to succeed and have a diverse skill set, contact Randstad Canada today to explore media buying roles in your region. 

what media buyer jobs entail

Media buyers work in an office setting and work normal office hours. They spend much of their time working and networking with media companies and representatives. You will also spend a large portion of your time researching potential media spots and reviewing analytics. Some travel will be part of your job to attend meetings and connect with media professionals. You will report to the director of sales or director of advertising.

average media buyer salaries in canada

Media buyer jobs come with an average annual salary of just under $40,000 per year. At the low end of the salary scale, you can make as low as $30,000 per year. Your salary for this role tops out at $55,000 annually. Media buyer compensation packages often have large bonus and commission components, helping to increase your overall earning potential. The type of media buyer and other details about your role can impact your average annual salary expectations.

your day to day tasks

Media buyers play a key role in securing important media spots for companies. Some of your daily tasks in this role will include:

  • purchasing media time or space
  • identifying the best media real estate in which to invest
  • negotiate media deals
  • conduct market research
  • track media campaigns
  • work with media planners, marketing and advertisers 
  • stay up to date on media trends
  • maintain media buying budget
  • report on media buying campaigns
  • network with media companies

where you can work

Media buyers usually work for large organizations or advertising agencies. Media buyer roles exist in many industries, particularly ones that rely heavily on advertising such as retail, finance, banking, and insurance.  Most jobs are found in large cities in Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary.

what you bring to the table

Media buyers require a well-rounded skill set. You will be expected to understand market trends, know how to reach your audience and negotiate company-friendly contracts to gain as much exposure as possible. Some of the skills companies are seeking include:

  • business and technology acumen
  • detailed understanding of media buying and advertising
  • exceptional interpersonal skills
  • strong negotiation skills
  • an analytical mindset
  • strong research skills
  • landscape and emerging trends
  • working under tight deadlines 

training and certifications

Since media buying is an interdisciplinary position, candidates typically have a degree in sales, marketing, communications, or design. Many do internships during college and university to gain experience and make connections within the industry before graduating. Some also obtain certifications in marketing and take courses in management to advance their careers. 

where your career is headed

Media buyer roles are shifting their focus to the digital space. While jobs in this area are expected to grow, they are highly competitive. Many media buyers move into advertising, marketing, promotions and sales roles at the management level.

If you are looking for media buyer roles, Randstad Canada can help you gain access to the top jobs that match your skills and experience. Contact us today to boost your job search.

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