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Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any company. With people having a higher expectation for great customer service now more than ever, having a strong customer service team has never been more important. How a company interacts with its customers can be the difference between success and failure, and customer service trainers play an important role in ensuring customer service staff has the resources they need to be successful.

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As a customer service trainer, you design and deliver training programs for new and existing customer service staff members. You will provide training for new and updated products, services and procedures. You will help customer service representatives improve their skills. You must have extensive experience in the customer service field, and be a strong communicator and coach.

what customer service trainer jobs entail

Customer service trainers work in a standard office environment. You may also work at a call centre or travel between company customer service offices. Online training and telecommuting could also be possible. You can expect to work normal office hours. However, some evenings or weekends may be required based on the company’s operating hours. Working closely with a customer service manager, you will execute customer service training that supports company objectives. Some travel may be required.

average customer service trainer salaries

The average annual salary for professionals in customer service training jobs is about $40,000 per year. On the low end, you can expect a starting average salary of about $30,000. With experience, you can make more than $50,000 per year. Experience plays a large role in your earning potential. Performance bonus and benefits may also be included in your compensation package. 

salaries across canada

  • toronto customer service trainer salary

    $40,800 to $57,700

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  • vancouver customer service trainer salary

    $40,900 to $57,600

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  • montreal customer service trainer salary

    $38,400 to $54,400

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  • calgary customer service trainer salary

    $41,200 to $58,300

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your day to day tasks

As a customer service trainer, the vast majority of your time will be spent conducting training sessions with other customer service professionals. You may:

  • conduct customer service training sessions – in person, online, or over the phone
  • work with management to create and update training materials
  • develop instructional materials
  • provide one-on-one training and coaching
  • review trainee tests and assignments
  • report on employee progress

where you can work

Customer service trainers are in demand in all industries. With so much focus on providing great service, there is a need for professional training in this area. While many customer service trainers work for small to medium size businesses, the most opportunities are with larger companies with large customer service departments. Customer service trainer positions are available across Canada. Expect to see more opportunities in larger cities with a large presence of corporate offices. 

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what you bring to the table

Customer service trainers are required to have strong customer service experience and transfer this knowledge to others. Some of the skills companies look for include:

  • customer service experience
  • presentation skills
  • ability to motivate and encourage employees
  • organization and time management skills
  • focus on teamwork and working in a team environment
  • a customer first approach
  • understanding of customer service best practices

training and certifications

The vast majority of customer service trainers have a number of years of experience working in the customer service field as a customer service representative, team leader, or other similar role. Your experience in the field is an asset that will help you transition into the role of customer service trainer.

While experience is an important requirement, many companies also require a bachelor’s degree. Some have a college diploma. The education requirements will vary based on the company and the type of customer service training. Additional training will be provided as part of the orientation process.

where your career is headed

Most customer service trainers work in this or a similar role for the long term. With experience, many move on to more senior level customer service or training positions. You could specialize in customer service training in a particular industry or work as a customer service consultant.

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