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Application development has taken on an important role in the business world. Companies rely on a variety of applications to support business practices. One of the common programming languages used to support application development is C# technology.

C# developers work for many different type of companies in all industries, and those with experience and a track record of success are in demand. If you have skills and experience as a C# developer, contact Randstad Canada today to explore your career options with us.

what C# developer jobs entail

C# developers work in a normal office environment. They work full time hours, however, many work extended hours to troubleshoot issues and to meet project deadlines. Some companies offer developers flex hours and the ability to work remotely on occasion. You will work in the IT department and report to a senior developer or technology manager. Occasional travel for training or meeting with vendors may be required.

average C# developer salaries

Technology jobs continue to offer strong compensation and career opportunities. The average annual salary for a C# developer working in Canada is about $60,000. You can expect a starting salary in the $45,000 range. At the top end of the salary scale for this job, you can expect to make approximately $85,000 per year. Performance bonuses and experience with skills such as ASP.NET, VB.NET can help increase your earning potential.

your day to day tasks

Since C# is a general purpose programming language, your daily responsibilities can vary widely. One day you could be debugging software, and the next you could be working on a new development project. Here are some common tasks C# developers can expect to be part of their role:

  • writing and testing software
  • debugging and troubleshooting software
  • Ensure applications are operating efficiently
  • designing new software applications
  • assisting with implementation of new software systems
  • working to create software solutions to support business practices

where you can work

C# developers primarily work within the information technology industry. They work for software development companies, IT consulting firms, or for large corporations within the IT department. You have a number of career opportunities to pursue. Many of the C# developer jobs are found in large cities. Contact Randstad Canada today to learn about available opportunities in your area.

what you bring to the table

As a C# developer, you are expected to have strong knowledge of C# and all related computer programming languages and applications. Desirable candidates also have strong business and communication skills. Here are some of the skills required to be successful in this role:

  • knowledge of object oriented programming
  • experience with common web application frameworks
  • ability to write clean and reusable C# code
  • experience with continuous integration
  • problem solving skills
  • organization and time management skills
  • training and certifications
  • Hiring companies require C# developers to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Experience working with software or database development is an asset. Some companies may be willing to hire candidates without the academic
  • requirements if they have a very strong track record of success in the industry. Additional computer programing language experience and computer software certifications are assets.

where your career is headed

Becoming a C# developer opens the doors to a number of technology career paths. While many professionals continue to work with C#, others go on to work in mobile app development, back end web development, Java, and other Windows-based technology roles.

Are you a new graduate looking for job opportunities as a C# developer? Do you currently work as a C# developer and are looking to make a career change? Randstad Canada can help! We can help you find jobs that perfectly fit your experience and skills. Contact us today to learn more.

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