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As part of your role, you will spend a lot of time working with web developers, marketers, and communications professionals to execute content to support company objectives. You can write web content, whitepapers, e-books, blog posts, emails, social posts and more. You’ll split your time between research, writing, editing, and coordinating with other professionals. If you have experience with content writing and are looking to make a career move, contact Randstad Canada today to explore your job options.

what content writer jobs entail

Content writers work in an office setting. You spend most of your time working on a computer, conducting research and writing content. You will work collaboratively with other professionals, often requiring you to sit in on meetings. You will work during normal office hours, however, additional hours are often required to meet tight deadlines. Some writers have the ability to work remotely on occasion or on a permanent basis. In most cases, you will report to a marketing or communications manager or another leader in the marketing department.

average content writer salaries

The average annual salary for someone working as a content writer in Canada is about $55,000. The salary scale for this position is $40,000 to more than $85,000 per year. Experienced content writers with experience in specialized fields such as SEO tend to have higher salaries. Performance bonuses and profit sharing can help increase earning potential. Many content writers choose to take on freelance writing and editing projects to increase their compensation.

your day to day tasks

There is a lot more to a content writer than just writing. You need to become a subject matter expert, research content, conduct interviews, write, edit, and revise copy. Here are the main tasks involved in your role as a content writer:

  • write copy
  • brainstorm ideas
  • research and fact check
  • work with collaborators
  • follow publishing guidelines
  • interview subject experts
  • work on copy layout and organization
  • work with copy editors to improve content
  • give project status updates

where you can work

Content writers work for many different types of companies. You can work for large corporations, small businesses, marketing companies and even consulting agencies. Some work on a freelance or contract basis and regularly have multiple employers. Opportunities are available across Canada. Many are found in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Waterloo, Calgary and Edmonton. The ability to work remotely has reduced the importance of location to find opportunities in this field.

what you bring to the table

Content writers play a key role on a marketing team, creating dynamic copy that communicates product and service benefits to customers. Here are some of the many skills hiring companies look for in content writers:

  • exceptional writing skills
  • ability to write for multiple disciplines
  • ability to write in a variety of formats
  • editing and proofreading skills
  • experience with content development and publishing tools
  • time management and ability to work under deadlines
  • ability to learn quickly

training and certifications

There are no set educational requirements for working as a content writer. Many professionals come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Companies are looking for candidates with a university degree in field such marketing, communications, or journalism. A graduate degree is usually not required but is considered to be an asset. Experience in marketing and web development can give you an edge over other applicants.

where your career is headed

The ability to communicate and write compelling copy is a very desirable skill. For this reason, content writers have a wide range of opportunities within the technology sector. Many move up to take senior writing, editing, and content management positions. Others move on to work in other areas of content development. Some specialize in writing technical manuals, SEO content, blogging, and many other types of writing. Some content writers also add additional skills and move into the digital marketing space. Finally, there is also opportunity to freelance and offer your services on a consulting basis.

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