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Analytics continues to play a more prominent role in all businesses. Companies are increasingly using data as a key part of the strategic decision making process. As part of your role, you will collect, input, analyze, and create reports about consumer or business behaviors. You will provide reports to key stakeholders who will use that information to identify trends and make key decisions. You will need to have exceptional analytics skills and have an equally strong technical background.

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what data modeler jobs entail

Data modelers work in an office environment and spend most of their day working on a computer. Most work in a team setting alongside data architects to compile, input and monitor data sets. Expect to work normal office hours. Some overtime may be required to meet project deadlines. You will report to a senior data modeler or department lead.

average data modeler salaries in canada

The average annual salary for a professional data modeler working in Canada is just over $70,000. The salary range starts at about $50,000 and reaches as high as $90,000 annually. Performance bonuses, incentives, and employee benefits are commonly included as part of your compensation package.

your day to day tasks

Data is central to decision making for businesses. Data modelers play an important role in helping companies make strategic, data-based decisions. Some of the responsibilities in a data modeler job include :

  • identifying business needs and gaps in current practices
  • extracting and evaluating data
  • analyzing data and creating data models
  • making recommendations based on your findings
  • evaluating data quality
  • removing redundant data
  • working collaboratively to create data models and reports

where you can work

Data modelers can work for a variety of companies in industries across Canada. Many work in retail, sales, manufacturing and other customer-facing industries. You can work for research firms, government agencies, research and statistics organizations and large corporations. Your job description and specific tasks can vary based on the type of company you work for.

Data modeler jobs are typically found in the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo Region, Vancouver, Montreal and other regions with a larger technology presence.

what you bring to the table

A data modeler job will require you to have a specialized skill set and expertise in analytics and modeling. You also need to understand how to apply data models to business needs. Some skills and abilities companies seek for data modeler jobs include:

  • strong data and analytics skills
  • experience sorting data sets
  • data representation skills
  • research and statistics skills
  • strong communication skills
  • the ability to adapt models to meet business needs
  • software development experience
  • data mapping
  • experience with SQL
  • ability to connect data to business objectives
  • experience working with data modeling and analysis tools
  • ability to create and maintain data models

training and certifications

To work as a data modeler, companies require you have a bachelor’s degree in information science, computer science, applied mathematics, or other related fields. Some companies prefer candidates with a graduate degree. Experience working in similar roles and certification related to data modeling is an asset.

where your career is headed

Data modelers have a specialized skill set. Therefore, professionals in this area tend to remain in similar roles. Most data modelers move on to senior data modeler and data architect roles. Others move on to other similar roles such as working as an actuary or as a database administrator. There is ample opportunity in this field for experienced professionals who have the drive and are always looking to add new skills.

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