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Many external auditors work independently or for public or private finance companies. Your main role is to assess financial records in question, and form an opinion based on your findings. Therefore, you will need to be meticulous, pay attention to detail, and maintain an objective stance when auditing company records. If you are experienced in accounting and have an interest in auditing, contact Randstad Canada today to explore your career options. We can help you find a role that matches your skills and experience.

what external auditor jobs entail

External auditors work in an office environment. However, you may spend a lot of your time working in multiple locations to accommodate clients. You can expect to work normal office hours but also expect to work evenings and weekends when working on special projects or to meet deadlines. Often you will report to a senior auditor if you work for a government agency or finance consulting firm.

average external auditor salaries in canada

External auditors working in Canada can expect an average annual salary of about $55,000. On the low end of the salary scale, you can expect to make $40,000. The salary scale for this position tops out at about $85,000 per year. Performance bonuses are often included in compensation packages. Experience in accounting and internal auditing is associated with higher salaries.

your day to day tasks

Your responsibilities as an external auditor will vary on a case-by-case basis. Your tasks are often defined based on what you are exploring and the job you were hired to complete. In general, here are the tasks you will be doing as an external auditor:

  • plan and execute auditing process
  • analyze financial data
  • ensure financial records are in compliance with regulations
  • offer suggestions to improve records management and accuracy
  • inspect internal systems, controls, and processes
  • work collaboratively with a team
  • prepare reports and findings
  • consult with company/client representatives
  • inspect financial statements for errors and omissions
  • explain audit findings

where you can work

External auditors can work for many different organizations. Some work as independent consultants, with financing consulting firms, for government agencies, or for a finance company. Opportunities are available in large cities in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and other large cities across Canada.

what you bring to the table

Working as an external auditor requires accounting skills coupled with business acumen. Companies seek candidates who possess the following skills and abilities:

  • strong data analysis skills
  • financial reporting
  • extensive knowledge of auditing practices
  • knowledge of accounting standards
  • experience with accounting software
  • ability to work with sensitive data
  • strong attention to detail
  • objective decision making

training and certifications

A bachelor’s degree in accounting is required to work as an auditor. However, obtaining a master’s degree makes you a more desirable candidate and opens the door to other career opportunities in the future. Having a CPA is increasingly becoming a requirement for hiring companies, therefore, certification is recommended. Additional and ongoing training and certification will increase your standing in the industry.

where your career is headed

Auditor positions are generally a launching point for many finance and accounting professionals. With a number of years of experience, you can move into senior external or internal auditor roles. You can also move into other more senior roles in accounting, working as a financial analyst, financial controller, finance manager, and many other related roles.

If you work in finance and accounting and are interested in pursuing external auditor roles, Randstad Canada can help you with your search. Contact us today to gain access to great opportunities in your area.

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