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Investment plays a prominent role in many organizations. Fund administrators handle financial paperwork, documentation, and file management for clients so they can have up to date information about their funds’ performance. You also help ensure the funds you manage are in compliance with any and all legal requirements. You support teams of investors, traders, investment managers and other financial professionals within your organization.

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what fund administrator jobs entail

Fund administrators work in an office environment. You will spend much of your day working on a computer, updating records on a database. You can expect to work normal office hours, but working overtime is common to meet client demands. Travel is common in this position. You will report to a senior fund administrator or investment manager.

average fund administrator salaries

The average annual salary for fund administrators in Canada is about $50,000 per year. Salaries for this position start at just over $40,000 annually. You can make up to $80,000 per year. Performance bonuses and employee benefits are commonly part of your total compensation package. Experience with database administration, IBM DB2, and SSIS are associated with a higher earning potential for this position.

your day to day tasks

Working as a fund administrator can be a fast paced job. You have a lot going on all the time. While your job may vary based on what is given priority, here are some of the most common tasks that are part of your job:

  • managing fund operations
  • creating financial reports and statements
  • working with auditors
  • analyzing fund performance
  • maintaining transaction records
  • responding to accounting inquiries
  • ensuring all practices meet regulations
  • preparing weekly, quarterly and annual reports
  • reviewing financial statements
  • processing dividend payments

where you can work

Fund administrators most commonly work in the finance industry. However, you may be able to find roles with companies in other industries. You will most commonly find work with insurance companies, fund management firms, investment companies, banks, and stockbroking firms. Fund administrator roles are typically found in large cities such as Toronto and Vancouver or wherever there is a large financial sector.

what you bring to the table

As a fund administrator, you work with numbers and people and need skills related to both. Good business sense along with the following skills and abilities will make you an ideal candidate:

  • finance and business experience
  • strong analytical skills
  • good with numbers and statistics
  • able to work in high pressure situations and under deadlines
  • able to work with sensitive information
  • decision making and negotiation skills
  • time management and organization

training and certifications

Fund administrators do not have a formal education requirement. The majority of companies require you to have college or university degree. Common backgrounds include accounting, business administration, finance, financial services, and management. Most candidates are hired then provided with an extensive on the job training program to learn the role. A post graduate degree or experience in finance and investments is an asset that will give you an advantage over other job candidates.

where your career is headed

Fund administrators typically start in a junior role, creating lots of opportunities for future growth. With experience, you can move into a senior fund administrator role. This can lead to a promotion to team leader and management positions.

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