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You are responsible for spearheading the behind the scenes tasks for HR managers and directors. There is a large administrative component to your job, and you are commonly the main resource internally for employees.

Human resources assistants aid in meeting the personnel needs of businesses and industries in the public and private sector throughout Canada. Always in demand, human resources assistants face a bright career future.

what HR assistant jobs entail

Human resources assistants work in offices, often under the supervision of a human resources manager. While many duties revolve around recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees, human resources workers assist in training, evaluating, and providing pay and benefit information to new or current workers.

average HR assistant salaries

The average salary for HR assistants in Canada can vary quite a bit, depending on your job classification, experience, location, and the industry you work in.

Entry level HR assistants can expect an average salary between $38,000 to $43,000 for HR assistant or clerk jobs. With 5-7 years of industry experience, you can make up to $65,000 per year. However, you can make more if you specialize or take on a consultant or supervisor role.

your day to day tasks

To attract and determine suitable candidates for job openings, human resources sssistants post or advertise job openings, interview potential hires, administer tests, check references, and assist in ranking candidates. They also assist in benefits administration, training, publicizing company polices, and recordkeeping.

where you can work

HR assistants are required across Canada in all industries. However, you will have more opportunities in locations that are known for being home to company corporate offices and in larger cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. These locations also tend to have the highest earning potential and career advancement opportunities.

what you bring to the table

Human resources assistants must have good verbal and written communications skills, listening skills, problem solving, mediation, and negotiation skills. Strong computer skills and the ability to perform research are also necessary. Human resources assistants help shape the future of their companies through the new hires they help bring into the organization. Not only must they be good listeners, they also must be adept at picking up non-verbal cues from prospective candidates to determine a good hire.

Therefore, it’s important to have the following skills to excel in a career in human resources:

  • problem solving skills and ability to identify issues
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • ability to handle sensitive information
  • ability to prioritize and organization skills
  • able to communicate verbally and in writing, and using a variety of mediums such as phone, email, social networking
  • technology and computer skills
  • analytical mindset is an asset
  • attention to detail and accuracy

training and certifications

Human resources assistants need a high school diploma for most entry level jobs, but college coursework or a university degree is an asset. While some positions are open to entry-level workers, many positions with more substantial responsibilities require one or more years of experience in the field. A degree or diploma in human resource management is an asset and will help you expand your career options. Degrees in business, finance, accounting, and other related subjects are also workable.

Continuing education is important. Improving your computer skills and taking additional professional development courses, seminars and training in HR and other related subjects will make you a more attractive candidate for jobs and promotions. French and English fluency is a plus in many jobs.

where your career is headed

Human resources assistants can rise to supervisory or management positions where they have more authority in making final hiring decisions. For instance, some roles that HR assistants seek to move into include: HR generalist, recruitment coordinator and HR manager. The key is to identify an area of interest or specialization in HR, build experience and identify opportunities to expand your skillset and knowledge.

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