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The ability to code and work with programming languages is an in demand skill that can help you gain access to a variety of career opportunities. Java developers play a key role in helping companies develop websites, applications, and a variety of computer systems. With the right level of certification, skills, and with a good business sense, you will have no issues finding work. Currently, there are just over 1,300 Java developer jobs in Vancouver. This is an increase of 4.3% since 2007. The need for skilled Java developers is on the rise.

Java developer salaries in Vancouver

As an in demand profession, Java developers are paid well. Salary is based on your level of experience, certification, and other skills you bring to the table. Here is what you can expect for Java developer salaries in Vancouver and surrounding area:

Entry level salary: $62,000 - $79,800
Intermediate salary: $68,700 - $89,800
Senior salary: $76,800 - $100,200

top industries for Java developers in Vancouver

Java developers are not only in demand within IT and computer programming. Companies from a variety of industries require the skills of Java developers to spearhead their technology projects. If you are looking for Java developer jobs in the Vancouver area, here are the top industries to focus on:

  1. Computer systems design
  2. Electronic shopping
  3. Federal services
  4. Advertising and PR
  5. Information services

in demand skills in Vancouver

Successful Java developers stay on top of industry trends, are strong project managers, well organized, and have a background in many other programming languages. Here are the top in demand skills in Vancouver for Java developers:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Representational state transfer (REST)
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Web services

next steps for Java developers

Similar to other technology-based roles, Java developers need to stay on top of industry trends, and continue to add new certifications to progress to more complex and advanced Java developer roles.

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