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Millwrights work in a variety of different industries where they perform jobs such as installing, maintaining, fixing, and overhauling machinery and equipment. In Montréal in 2017, 2,202 individuals were working as millwrights in Montréal, a 1.5% increase from the previous year.

millwright salaries in montréal

Millwrights in Montréal earn less on average compared to other major cities across Canada. The starting hourly wage for a millwright in Montréal is approximately $22.30 an hour. With experience, a millwright can see a $10.00 increase in their hourly wage over 5 years. The following are millwright salaries in Montréal at every level of experience through the years.

Entry level salary: $ 22.30 - 26.70
Intermediate salary: 24.90 - 29.90
Senior salary: $ 27.20 - 32.70

top industries for millwrights in montréal

Many different industries require highly-trained and skilled millwrights. The following are the biggest industries in Montréal that are most likely to hire millwrights in Montréal.

  • electric power generation
  • building equipment contractors
  • machinery and equipment maintenance
  • paper product manufacturing
  • beverage manufacturing

in demand skills in montréal

Looking to work as a millwright in Montréal? The following is a list of the skills that are the most in demand:

  • Microsoft office
  • aligners
  • instrumentation
  • forklifts
  • technical support

next steps for millwrights in montréal

If you are interested in becoming a millwright in Québec, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to obtain certification. Millwrights in Québec are required to complete a 3-4 year apprenticeship program. To work as a millwright you must also be prepared to do physical work that requires dexterous condition. Millwrights are required in a variety of different industries in Montréal, so once you become certified, there are many different opportunities that will open up to you.

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