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about programmer analyst jobs

Programmer analyst jobs fulfill a variety of computer related roles, from project organization and preparation, to product testing and maintenance. Programmer analysts arrange project requirements, analyze requirements, and prepare flowcharts to help the team understand the process of what’s going on. Programmer analysts work closely with the business team and ensure that technologies meet the needs of the business team and are supporting business objectives. Programmer analysts also analyze and code back-end systems and ensure that the company’s technology is functional.

what programmer analyst jobs entail

Programmer analysts can expect to work standard 9 to 5 hours from Monday to Friday. Some roles may require you to be available for 24/7 emergency support, in the event that a project require urgent maintenance. Programmer analysts may act as a liaison between technologies and business departments, and may report to either a technologies manager or a business manager.

programmer analyst job salaries

Programmer analyst jobs are well-paying across Canada. This is a specialized technologies role, often requiring a candidate with a background in computers and solid business acumen. Average starting salaries are approximately $70,000 per year, but may be as low as $50,000 depending on location and experience. Depending on seniority and how in-demand the position is, senior programmer analysts can expect to earn around $128,000 per year.

your day to day tasks

  • work with business analysts to meet their technology requirements
  • confirm operation by conducting tests
  • ensure equipment is operational
  • design new software/network architecture
  • identity requirements of clients
  • analyze project requirements
  • prepare project flow charts
  • code project requirements
  • develop and manage computer/software systems
  • identify and implement efficiency improvements

where you can work

Programmer analyst jobs are not among the most common technologies jobs, but nonetheless, there is a demand for them across Canada. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and others with growing technologies industries have need for computer specialists who also have a grasp on business strategy. Some specific industries currently hiring programmer analysts include software companies, logistics companies, and medical equipment producers.

what you bring to the table

Programmer analyst jobs require a background in both business and computers. In addition to this, candidates will be expected to bring the following skills to the role:

  • experience with software design, debugging, development
  • proficiency with the following languages: C, C#, .net, PHP, Java
  • strong attention to detail
  • analytical and communication skills
  • understanding of complex software
  • understanding of business processes
  • experience with agile methodologies

training and certifications

Programmer analysts will always be expected to have a university or college degree in a relevant field, namely computer science. Several years’ experience in programming in a professional setting is also a typical requirement. Having some sort of certification or diploma in business is often preferred, but not always required. Finally, having additional certifications demonstrating understanding of computer languages such as SQL is often sought after by employers.

where your career is headed

Programmer analysts can expect long-term employment with their companies, working on new projects and maintaining pre-existing technologies, while ensuring that technologies meet the needs of the business team. Programmer analysts can develop their programming skills and business understanding on the job, and advance to more senior technologies role, such as director or manager, as their career progresses.

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