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Sandblasting operators are professionals who provide a specialized function. Using various tools and machinery, you will remove paint, dirt, rust, and other substances from surfaces so they can be refinished and painted. You will be responsible for sandblasting a variety of different surfaces, materials, and equipment. What you sandblast specifically will depend on your company and the type of business. You could work on cars, for renovation companies, or industrial organizations. You will often work as part of a team, most commonly with painters and restorers. 

what sandblasting operator jobs entail

Sandblasting operators can work in a variety of settings. Some work in auto or repair shops, industrial or manufacturing facilities, or on job sites. The environment in which you work depends on the company you work for. Many sandblasting operators work shifts. Evening and weekend work is common to meet project deadlines. You may work alone or as part of a team. Who you report to varies based on your company. In most cases, you report to a project manager or facility manager.

average sandblasting operator salaries

The average annual salary for professionals working as a sandblasting operator in Canada is approximately $45,000. The salary range is $30,000 to more than $60,000 per year. Some employee compensation packages include performance bonuses and other perks to increase your earning potential. Experience has some impact on how much you can make per year.

your day to day tasks

Sandblasting operators perform a variety of tasks as part of their job. Daily tasks include the following:

  • prepare surfaces for sandblasting
  • set up and clean up work areas
  • remove materials, paint, and other substances from surfaces
  • inspect and do touch-up work
  • coordinate work timelines
  • troubleshoot issues with sandblasting
  • aintain a safe work environment
  • perform regular maintenance on tools and equipment
  • get training on new sandblasting techniques and tools

where you can work

Sandblasting operators can work in many different industries for many types of companies. This provides you with more opportunities and career options. Most commonly, roles are found with auto companies, renovation companies, and equipment maintenance and manufacturing organizations. Roles for sandblasting operators are found across the country. However, the types of roles and industries where work is available can vary based on your location. For example, there are more jobs for sandblasters in the auto industry where auto manufacturing sectors exist.

what you bring to the table

Hiring companies are looking for skilled, experienced, and reliable sandblasting operators. Here are some of the skills you will need for this role:

  • experience with sandblasting tools and machinery
  • ability to work on a team
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • good time management
  • knowledge of painting, construction, auto, and mechanic equipment
  • ability to work under tight deadlines
  • ability to prioritize safety
  • strong physical endurance
  • ability to lift more than 50 pounds

training and certifications

There are no formal post-secondary education requirements to work as a sandblasting operator in Canada. Companies require you have a high school diploma, however, some college or vocational school is an asset, especially if it is related to sandblasting, painting, or industrial work. Most sandblasting operators start in a more junior or apprentice-type role before becoming a sandblasting operator. Therefore, experience working with sandblasting equipment and in a similar environment is desirable. Hiring companies will provide full training. Health and safety training and experience is an asset.

where your career is headed

Sandblasting is a skilled position and most remain in this career for the long term. Rather than changing career, some sandblasting operators will work in different industries or for different companies. Some move into industrial painting, industrial support work and other similar roles.

Are you looking to start a career as a sandblasting operator? Is it time for a career change? Contact Randstad Canada today to explore your career options with us.

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