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There are many different types of web developer careers to pursue. One potentially lucrative option is to work as an angular developer. These developers have a skill set based in JavaScript and work with a development team on projects involving front end development, user interface design, and mobile and desktop apps. Having an understanding of software engineering, coupled with experience programming in multiple languages and the ability to do things in an angular way, makes you a prime candidate for angular developer roles. Contact Randstad Canada today to explore careers in angular development.

what angular developer jobs entail

Angular developers work in an office environment, in most cases within the IT department. You will work standard office hours. Expect to work some evenings and weekends to meet project deadlines or to troubleshoot developmental issues. You will work as part of a team, even though some of your tasks will be individual in nature. You will report to a senior developer or IT manager.

angular developer salaries in canada

The average annual salary for an angular developer working in Canada is about $80,000. Salary for this position ranges from as a low as $55,000 and can reach up to $160,000. Bonuses, performance incentives, profit sharing and other incentives can help increase your annual earning potential. People with skills using Ruby, React.js, Node.js, and other development tools tend to make more money on average.

your day to day tasks

No two angular developer jobs are the same. What you work on, the scope of your work, and your approach all vary based on the company and the type of project you are working on. Coding and development take up a large portion of your job responsibilities. Here are some of the common tasks you can expect to be part of your job description:

  • Develop user interfaces
  • Make strategic decisions regarding technical project requirements
  • Perform product analysis and testing
  • Designing complete front end applications
  • Ensure apps perform optimally on desktop and mobile
  • Code using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Coordinate project work with other team members
  • Work with vendors and external web services providers
  • Develop application code

where you can work

Angular developers typically work in IT, marketing, sales, and many other industries that require organizations to have strong and interactive web properties. Therefore, positions can be found in cities across Canada, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, Waterloo, Vancouver, and Montreal. Some developers may have the opportunity to work with app development or design firms, or as a freelance consultant.

what you bring to the table

Working as an angular developer requires a diverse developmental skill set. You need to be a JavaScript expert and have experience with a variety of coding languages. A strong business acumen, a keen understanding of the user experience, and SEO and marketing skills will help make you a well-rounded candidate. Here are some of the skills hiring companies are looking for in angular developers:

  • Experience with AngularJS best practices and principles
  • Strong understanding of HTML, CSS and other front end coding languages
  • A JavaScript expert
  • Familiar with testing and runner framework
  • A strong team player
  • Good time management and organization skills
  • Good communication skills
  • A critical thinker and effective problem solver
  • Experience with search engine optimization
  • The ability to understand the user perspective and incorporate user feedback into designs
  • The ability to work under tight deadlines

training and certifications

Most hiring companies require angular developers to have a university degree in computer science, computer programming, or a college diploma in web design, programming or coding. Having certification for the variety of programming languages and tools commonly used by angular developers is an asset. Experience working with coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others is desired. Work experience and a strong portfolio can give candidates an edge over others.

where your career is headed

Angular developers are well paid and in high demand. Most come from a development background, particularly using JavaScript, and move into front end development. With experience, many angular developers move into senior roles as angular developers or move into other roles related to front end development.

Do you work in front end development? Looking for jobs as an angular developer? Randstad Canada can help. We can work with you to find careers in this area that match your skill set. Contact us today to boost your job search.

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