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Bilingual customer service jobs in Vancouver are on the rise. As the city becomes more diverse and as people require services in languages other than English, jobs in this area will continue the trend of job growth. Currently, there are about 14,200 bilingual customer service jobs in Vancouver. This is up 5.6% since last year. Overall, jobs have increased significantly since 2007. During this time, there has been a 27.6% increase. There are a lot of opportunities for bilingual professionals in Vancouver.

bilingual customer service salaries in Vancouver

One of the advantages of being able to communicate in more than one language in the customer service industry is you can make more money. Many bilingual customer service professionals can expect a higher than average starting salary and other compensation incentives. Here are the average bilingual customer service salaries in Vancouver:

Entry level salary: $38.8k to $45.9k
Intermediate salary: $42.9k to $50.7k
Senior salary: $46.7k to $55.2k

top industries for bilingual customer service workers in Vancouver

The industry in which you choose to work can have a big impact on your career. When it comes to bilingual customer service workers in Vancouver, some industries offer more opportunities than others. Here are the top industries in Vancouver that offer the greatest opportunities for bilingual customer service professionals:

  • Business support services
  • Wireless telecommunications carriers
  • Automobile dealers
  • Wired telecommunications carriers
  • Full-service restaurants

in demand skills in Vancouver

Today’s customer services jobs are more involved and require more developed skillsets. In addition to being able communicate in writing and verbally, bilingual customer service reps need to have business and technology skills to support their role. Here are some of the most in demand skills hiring companies are seeking from job candidates:

  • Bilingual French
  • Microsoft Office
  • Technical Support
  • Freight+
  • Customer Success

next steps for bilingual customer service representatives

The city of Vancouver continues to become more culturally diverse, increasing the need for services offered in multiple languages. As a bilingual customer service rep, you’ll have ample opportunity to work in a variety of industries and take the step up to supervisor and management roles.

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