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Client service representative jobs require minimal experience and education, making them an accessible entry-level role for many Canadian workers. Client service representatives are professionals who are needed by a variety of business in many industries and assist their clients or customers with issues or inquiries about the products or services that their employer offers.

If you are interested in working in this role it is important that you are friendly and have strong communication and interpersonal skills as you will constantly be communicating with clients.

what customer service representative jobs entail

The primary role of a client service representative is to interact with the clients of an organization to address any issues and answer questions that clients have about the products or services their organization offers. Many different industries require individuals for this job, such as retail, sales, government, and healthcare, among many others. If you choose to work in this profession, you will have the choice of working in a full-time or part time position where you will communicate with customers over the phone, in person or online.

average client service representative salaries

The average salary for client service representatives is just above $30,000 annually. If you’re just starting out in this role, the average entry-level salary is around $25,000, although your pay rate will vary based on the city you work in as well as the type of organization you work for. Most salaries are below or near the national average income. As a result, this job is often populated by young individuals just starting out in the workforce.

your day to day tasks

Client service representatives are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that vary slightly depending on the type of setting that they work in. The following are the tasks that you will generally be responsible for if you work in this field in Canada:

  • answering phones
  • communication with customers about policies and products
  • communicating with clients via email, phone or in person
  • providing client support regarding products and services
  • resolving client complains and issues
  • processing orders for clients

where you can work

If you want to work as a client service representative, there are many opportunities for you all across Canada. You’ll find work in almost any industry in Canada, including, but not limited to retail, telecommunications, sales, government, healthcare, education, and finance. Almost any company that is in the business of selling a service or product to clients will require friendly individuals with good communication skills to handle client requests, questions and issues.

what you bring to the table

The main responsibility of client service representatives is interacting with customers to answer their questions and resolve issues. In order to do this job well, you will need strong communication skills. Since client service representative jobs are generally entry level, there aren’t many other skills required, other than a willingness to learn! Some skills that employers may look for when hiring for individuals in this job include:

  • verbal communication skills
  • solid writing
  • strong listening skills
  • patience and dependability

training and certifications

To obtain a client service representative job, the minimum requirement is generally a high school diploma, though this may not always be required. In some fields, it’s also advantageous to have a university or college education. For employers, candidates who have experience in customer service roles are also an asset. Speaking a second language, in particular French, can help you find higher paying jobs in Canada.

where your career is headed

Client service representative jobs are, more often than not, an entry point into an organization, as they rarely require significant experience and education. However, the skills you learn working in this role are very valuable for your future career. As you build your skills, you may find opportunities to work your way up in your current organization. The skills that you learn may also become useful when it comes time to apply for intermediate jobs in a variety of professional fields such as sales, marketing, human resources, finance, accounting and many others. Working in this position can open a world of opportunities in a variety of different industries in Canada.

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