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Compliance officers ensure that an organization abides by all laws, rules, and regulations when conducting financial transactions. All employees, managers, and executives must be compliant to avoid potential legal issues.

If you are a detailed oriented individual and have a strong understanding of finance industry policies and regulations, this is a career path to consider.

what compliance officer jobs entail

Compliance officers work in a finance setting. You work in an office and will spend much of your time working on a computer. You will also be expected to participate in meetings, helping to educate others about compliance issues. Most compliance officers work a standard 40-hour work week. Overtime may be required occasionally. You will report to the compliance manager and execute tasks assigned by them.

average compliance officer salaries

As a compliance officer (also sometimes known as a compliance analyst) your role is to ensure people within your organization understand compliance policies and act in accordance with the law when conducting financial transactions and doing business with vendors, investors, and customers.

your day to day tasks

Compliance officers may work on completely different projects and tasks from one day to the next. In general, here are the responsibilities that are part of your job as a compliance officer in finance:

  • conduct internal audits
  • prepare financial compliance reports
  • investigate compliance issues
  • develop internal control systems
  • answer employee questions related to compliance
  • identify potential areas of vulnerability
  • collaborate with other departments within the organization
  • train and coach employees about compliance issues related to their job
  • work on special or time sensitive projects as assigned by a compliance manager

where you can work

Finance compliance officer and analyst roles are most commonly found in the financial services industry with banks, mutual fund companies, lending companies, and investment dealers. These companies vary in size, so you could find yourself working for a small business or a large national corporation.

Jobs of this nature are typically found in cities with a large finance sector such as Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You may also be able to find compliance roles in local bank and finance branches across the country.

what you bring to the table

As a compliance officer, you are required to have a combination of business acumen, finance knowledge and be a strong communicator. Here are some of the skills and abilities hiring companies are looking for in candidates for this role:

  • experience in the finance industry
  • attention to detail
  • strong ethicical and moral disposition
  • fair and balanced assessment
  • great communication
  • detailed understanding of financial policy and laws
  • ability to explain complex financial processes in simple terms

training and certifications

The vast majority of compliance officers today have a university or college degree in finance, accounting, human resources, or related field of study. You will also need to have experience in a more junior finance role. Obtaining industry certifications is essential. Many companies require you to have the Canadian Securities Course (CSC).

If you work in a bank, you will be required to complete the Branch Managers Course (BMC). You will be expected to obtain additional certification as you work your way up and take on more senior roles.

where your career is headed

After working as a compliance officer for a number of years, the natural progression is for you to move up to a compliance management role and eventually to a chief compliance officer role. Compliance officers can also work for finance agencies and take on a compliance consulting role as a third party.

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