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everything to know about finishers

A finisher is a skilled trade and plays an important role in the construction industry. There are many different types of finishers, and each works with a specific material. Some specialize in the interior or exterior of a building project. Finishing can involve many processes and requires expert skill and experience.

If you have experience working as a finisher, or are interested in taking the next step in your career to become a finisher in the skilled trades, please contact Randstad Canada today to explore your career options.

what finisher jobs entail

Finishers tend to work long hours. Depending on the type of finishing work you do, you may work long hours during the spring, summer and fall, and fewer hours during the winter months. Evenings and weekends are common during the busy season. Much of your work will be done outside. You will work in a team environment with other contractors and construction professionals. You will report to a site manager or foreman, or project lead. Some travel many be required to get to the job site.

average finisher salaries in canada

The average annual salary for a finisher depends on the type of finishing work you do. If you work as a concrete finisher, you can expect an average salary of just over $45,000 per year, or about $25 per hour. To start, you will make $35,000. Over time, you can work up to a salary of more than $75,000 per year.

If you work as a drywall finisher, you will make an average salary of just over $26 per hour. With a number of years’ experience in the role, you can make up $75,000 per year. Experience plays a large role in your overall earning potential.

your day to day tasks

The day-to-day tasks for a finisher will depend on how far along you are in the project. Some days will be more about planning and preparation, while others will be focused on executing finishing steps. In general, here are some of the tasks included in the role of finisher:

  • working with project managers to ensure projects are on schedule
  • preparing areas for finishing
  • collecting materials and tools
  • executing specific finishing processes
  • quality control checks

where you can work

Finishers work within the construction industry. Roles can also be found in manufacturing. Finishers typically work for construction companies and work with concrete, metal, drywall and other materials that require specialized skills. Some finishers work for smaller contractors or companies that specialize in a specific skilled trade. Finishers are required in cities across Canada, and particularly in cities that are in a growth phase or have a large industrial sector.

what you bring to the table

Finishers are experienced in the skilled trades and specialize in finishing work with a specific material. Here are some of the skills hiring companies are looking for in a finisher:

  • ability to lift more than 50 lbs.
  • manual dexterity
  • attention to detail
  • ability to read blueprints and construction plans
  • team player and good communication
  • skilled at using tools and specialized construction equipment
  • dedication to creating a safe work environment

training and certifications

Most companies prefer a finisher to have a college diploma and apprenticeship within their skilled trade. However, some companies are also willing to take on finishers who have a high school diploma and extensive experience in the position for which they are hiring. In the construction industry, a strong reputation and track record is a key success factor. Depending on the type of finishing work, you may require certification, safety training, and other professional credentials.

where your career is headed

Finishers tend to remain in their role for the long term. However, some move from company to company in order to get more responsibility or simply for a career change. Finishers are always in demand within the skilled trade industry.

If you are looking to make a career move, or even to explore another role in construction or the skilled trades, contact Randstad Canada today to see the opportunities that are available to you.

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