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Labour relations advisors work closely with company management. Your main role is to provide advice and support management when dealing with labour and employee relations issues. You need to be an expert in federal labour laws, and you will oversee employee contracts and collective bargaining agreements. You will oversee, manage, and be part of labour issue investigations. If you have a detailed understanding of labour relations from an HR perspective, are well organized, and a great negotiator, contact Randstad Canada today to explore career opportunities in your area.

what labour relations advisor jobs entail

Labour relations advisors work in an office environment. You will work full time during normal office hours. However, depending on where you work, you may be required to be available outside of traditional office hours. You will split your time between working on a computer, filing paperwork and meeting with various individuals to address employee and labour issues. Some travel may be required to visit job sites, meet with union representatives, and for industry conferences. In most cases, you will report to the director of employee and labour relations or equivalent.

average labour relations advisor salaries

The salary range for labour relations advisors in Canada is extensive. With entry level experience, you will make about $65,000 per year. In a senior role and with many years of experience, you can make up to $120,000 annually. The average salary for labour relations advisors is approximately $83,000 per year. Experience is associated with higher earning potential.

your day to day tasks

As a labour relations advisor, you are the main reference point for management when dealing with employee issues. You are a go-between for management, labour unions and other parties involved in disputes. Some tasks that will be included in your job description:

  • advising on labour relations issues
  • staying up to date about developments in labour law
  • assisting with labour contract negotiations
  • providing resolutions to employee conflicts
  • investigating employee grievances
  • assisting with disciplinary action
  • providing labour relations training to management
  • interacting with union reps

where you can work

Labour relations advisors work in a variety of different settings. While many associate these roles with labour unions and employee organizations, you can also find opportunities working with government agencies, corporations, academic institutions and other companies with unionized employees. Career opportunities are most prevalent in healthcare, finance, technology, and construction. There is opportunity to find jobs in cities across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and in other regions with a large union presence.

what you bring to the table

Labour relations advisors are skilled human resources practitioners. You're required to understand labour relations issues from multiple perspectives. You have to know the law and advise your employer accordingly. Top skills include:

  • labour relations
  • contract negotiation
  • very detail oriented
  • listening comprehension skills
  • ability to work with highly sensitive information
  • decision making skills
  • ability to work in stressful situations

training and certifications

To work as a labour relations advisor, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. Other related degrees may also be considered by hiring companies. Having human resources certification may also be required. Staying up to date with labour relations laws and regulations is a must. Ongoing training for new developments in labour relations will be provided as part of your role.

where your career is headed

Labour relations advisors often remain in roles related to employees and labour for the duration of their careers. Many move into more specialized roles, work as employee relations managers, or move into a related role in human resources. Some get into contract negotiation and labour law. There may also be opportunities to work with labour unions and employee advocacy groups.

If you are looking for jobs in labour relations, Randstad Canada can help you find the perfect role to meet your skillset and experience.

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