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As a marketing director, you’re the head of your company’s marketing department. That means you implement strategies to make your company more visible to the public. Depending on the size of your organization and its industry, your duties will vary but usually include market analysis, and profitability and strategy development that will guide your organization to realizing its potential and profitability. You may also manage the implementation process, beginning with market research, advertising and sales promotion programs. Depending, again, on the size of your organization, you may have a sales manager and other marketing personnel reporting to you.

what marketing director jobs entail

You may work for a specific company or you may work for a marketing agency that handles multiple and varied clients. Expect to have regular office hours with the possibility of frequently extended hours in order to complete projects and achieve specific company objectives. Some travel may be required to meet with clients, attend conferences and industry events. It is common for marketing directors to report to the VP or president of marketing.

average marketing director salaries

Marketing directors in Canada can expect an average annual salary of approximately $85,000 per year. Salary ranges vary widely based on a number of factors such as experience, size of company and industry. On the low end, you can expect a starting salary of $50,000. On the top end, you could earn up to $140,000 per year. Performance bonuses, commission, profit sharing, and employee benefits could also be included in your compensation package. 

your day to day tasks

Your position in the company is a critical component in the organization’s success. Your analysis and strategies for promoting the organization and its services or products determine how effectively clients are compelled to do business. You’re also responsible for:

  • managing your employer's brand across multiple channels
  • ensuring the marketing department is functioning effectively
  • analyzing industry trends
  • holding regular marketing meetings
  • setting the agenda, goals and evaluating job performance
  • recruiting and hiring
  • forecasting marketing trends
  • customer relationship management
  • identifying opportunities to generate leads and capture market share
  • working collaboratively with other departments

where you can work

Marketing directors are needed by companies in all industries – retail, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and many others. You could find yourself working for a small business, government agency, large corporation or marketing agency. Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area, is known for being a strong location for marketing professionals.

what you bring to the table

Marketing directors are required to have a holistic skill set that encompasses marketing and business acumen. The core skills you need to succeed as a marketing director include:

  • interpersonal, leadership, communication and planning skills
  • critical thinking and good decision making abilities
  • ability to collaborate, prioritize and time manage
  • understanding of how the business and its departments operate
  • ability to delegate and manage projects
  • strategic planning
  • branding and product marketing
  • experience with SEO, social media, web design, copywriting, graphic design

training and certifications

Marketing directors usually require a university degree in marketing, business administration or communications with a minor in sales and several years’ experience in sales, marketing coordination, product management or similar relevant occupations. Education in your specific industry can also be a requirement. A strong portfolio, track record of success, and marketing certifications are an asset.

where your career is headed

In an era when competition for consumer dollars is fiercer than ever, the role of the marketing director continues to be vital to organizations that want to stay at the forefront of their industries. Technical changes and advancements mean that more companies are doing business on the internet at the same time as more clients are engaging with service and product providers via websites. Marketing directors who understand that and enhance their teams accordingly help their organizations stay ahead of the competition. Some of the future roles for marketing directors include VP of marketing, sales and marketing director, president of marketing and executive director of marketing.

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