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Programming languages that are used for building websites, such as PHP, are in demand. PHP developers are needed by medium-sized and larger enterprises, where developing a website goes beyond simply creating simple pages. For a business that needs a strong and dynamic website and web server, developers play a key role in facilitating and delivering those services.

Employers in need of developers with web development will seek candidates who know how to program in PHP to help them improve or expand on their online strategy.

what PHP developer jobs entail

As a PHP developer, you have an intricate knowledge of building websites. The nature of the job, coupled with the need for an online presence, means any type of business may be in need of a web developer with an expertise in PHP. This is usually a full-time position, though employers will sometimes pursue candidates for contract and freelance project work. You will likely report to a manager in the IT department.

average PHP developer salaries

Web developer jobs tend to start at $60,000 for the first year, with salaries rising at a slower rate than other developer jobs over a five-year period. There are variables that can buck these trends, particularly if you have a special skill set and level of experience that commands more in the market.

These jobs are in very high demand in Kitchener and Waterloo, ON, where salary increases are higher over a shorter time than other markets. Demand is still high in other markets, although a starting salary may be slightly lower in Montreal and Quebec City.

your day to day tasks

As a PHP developer, you help create and build websites, manage server-side applications, or oversee e-commerce and content delivery for an organization. You may work as part of a team of developers with different responsibilities to coordinate and deliver on the employer’s goals and vision. Some of your daily tasks will include things like:

  • creating and building websites
  • managing servers and server-side applications
  • working together with other developers
  • working flexibly on either the front end or back end of your employer’s web presence
  • running tests to ensure compliance and stability

where you can work

PHP developers are needed by a variety of employers in Canada. Any company with an IT staff and web presence requiring programming and application management skills may look to fill positions for their online assets. These can include offices, technology firms, e-commerce sites and banks. The growing IT sector and the importance of the web have created opportunities for specialists like PHP developers to find good jobs in Canada.

what you bring to the table

PHP developers tend to study computer-related programs in post-secondary institutions before entering the job market. Others who are self-taught or have studied the frameworks on their own time may be up to the task as well. Experienced PHP developers are more sought after based on their working knowledge and experience. Skills that are transferable across PHP developer jobs:

  • creating and building websites
  • practical knowledge of Larvel, Yii, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, and other frameworks
  • strong knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • patience to work in a trial-and-error environment
  • you can manage and work with a lot of data
  • you’re able to work with deadlines
  • you’re able to communicate and collaborate with others
  • you take a logical and methodical approach to testing

training and certifications

Post-secondary institutions do not always offer distinct PHP developer programs full-time, so computer science, computer engineering, and software engineering courses may provide the know-how to learn the PHP frameworks. Most PHP developer jobs require a degree or diploma from accredited institutions. These can also include schools issuing certificates for specialized training.

PHP developer programs may not cover all the frameworks or programming languages. Tests for prospective jobs may also indicate competence to an employer’s satisfaction. An online portfolio can also be helpful in demonstrating your ability and past work experience in a visual form.

where your career is headed

PHP developers will likely need to continue honing their skills due to the way in which the web and server technology evolves to meet market forces. The PHP frameworks and web development tools have been fairly consistent, and knowing as much about them as possible makes you more attractive to a prospective employer. Companies who rely on their web presence will always need good PHP developers to maintain and enhance it.

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