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Piping engineers are involved in every aspect of the piping component of building projects. You plan, create blueprints, choose the piping to be used, and oversee the installation of piping on location. You work collaboratively with other engineers and designers to ensure piping fits the overall project design and needs. If you are an experienced engineer and are looking for piping engineer jobs, please contact Randstad Canada today to explore opportunities in your area. 

what piping engineer jobs entail

Piping engineers work in an office environment. They usually work during normal office hours. However, some overtime many be required to meet project deadlines. You can expect to split time between designing plans on the computer and spending time offsite, scouting locations and overseeing piping installation projects. Therefore, some travel is required to visit locations and meet with clients and other engineers working on the project. In most cases, you will report to a project manager or senior piping engineer.

average piping engineer salaries

The average annual salary for piping engineers is approximately $75,000 per year. The salary for this role can range from as low as $55,000 to as high as $120,000 annually. Incentives such as performance bonuses and profit sharing may be included in your compensation package. Piping engineers with more years of experience tend to have a higher average annual salary. Company size can also have an impact on your annual salary. 

your day to day work

As a piping engineer, you will be involved in all facets of piping projects. You will do everything to plan and assist with installation. Here are the tasks commonly associated with piping engineer roles:

  • surveying piping installation locations
  • collaborating with designers and other engineers
  • inspecting piping installations
  • preparing construction bids
  • creating blueprints for piping systems
  • planning piping projects
  • budgeting and cost management
  • selecting construction materials
  • hiring contractors to install piping

where you can work

Piping engineers typically work in the construction industry. Jobs of this nature may also be available in oil and gas, with municipalities, government agencies, and in manufacturing. Offshore piping is also a possibility. Piping engineers can work for a variety of companies from small construction companies, engineering firms, to many others. Job opportunities exist across the country. There is a particular need in the oil and gas industry in Edmonton and Calgary, and across Alberta. Other roles are found in Toronto, Vancouver and other regions with large volumes of construction.

what you bring to the table

To work as a piping engineer, you need good business sense, a background in engineering, and to possess skills such as:

  • attention to detail and observation skills
  • project management experience
  • ability to work under tight deadlines
  • knowledge of the construction and engineering industries
  • planning and negotiation skills
  • ability to problem solve
  • experience with drafting and blueprints
  • autoCAD and CAESAR software

training and certifications

Piping engineers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or civil engineering. Some come from a commerce background. Post-secondary studies focusing on piping design and related coursework is preferred. A master’s in engineering or obtaining engineering certification is an asset that can improve your job prospects. Any additional training in geology, chemistry, and physics can be valuable. 

where your career is headed

Piping engineers tend to stay in the same or similar roles throughout their career. Since working as a piping engineer is a specialized role, it’s common for experienced piping engineers to change companies but remain within the same industry. Some move into roles such as pipe design or work as consultants.

Are you looking for piping engineering jobs? Randstad Canada can help you gain access to the best available jobs in your region. Contact us today to take your job search to the next level.

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