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Your job is to present your employer’s products and services with an appealing visual layout that entices visitors to inquire for more information while browsing on the site. You are the point of contact in ensuring the site runs smoothly and is updated according to the needs of the business. Maintaining a consistent and effective website presence is the primary focus for this role.

Employers lean on website developers as website masters, providing them with the content and direction they want displayed online. You follow the guidelines, designing and maintaining sites to function smoothly at all times.

what website developer jobs entail

As a website developer, you are an important piece of the employer’s online strategy and goals. You may meet often with managers who will explain what is required to help deliver the proper branding and messaging for the business. This may require creating a new website from scratch, or working to improve an existing one. It will be your job to ensure that all company websites work properly. You may be responsible for facilitating the user experience on the site. It may be necessary for you to write or edit content regularly or on a case-by-case basis.

average website developer salaries

Website developer jobs start between $60,000 and $66,000, increasing steadily well over $100,000 as you gain experience. Website developers are more versatile and specialized than website content administrators. Open source website developers are even more sought after.

Website developerjobs are in demand throughout Canada, especially in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph. They are not quite as well compensated in Montreal and Quebec City, where starting salaries are slightly lower.

your day to day tasks

Your job as a website developer will require a constant overview of the organization’s websites so that everything is running smoothly. Some of your daily tasks will include things like:

  • creating websites
  • modifying website elements
  • testing navigation on different browsers and operating systems
  • editing or writing website code
  • troubleshooting downtime or lag
  • investigating broken links or errors

where you can work

Website developers are in demand by a variety of organizations, no matter the size. Any company with at least one website may have a need for a developer and designer to help administer the necessary day-to-day tasks. These can include offices, banks, e-commerce sites, non-profits, technology firms, banks, hotels, and many more.

Growth in online shopping and website-based information sharing has created more opportunities for Canadian employers to hire dependable website developers.

what you bring to the table

As a website developer, it helps to be flexible, due to the unpredictability involved with designing and managing websites. Skills that are transferable across website developer jobs include:

  • in-depth knowledge of website design and development
  • ability to create websites from scratch, with nothing but your coding and design skills!
  • understanding website analytics
  • well-versed in the latest web tools and technologies

training and certifications

Becoming a website developer doesn’t follow one set path. Having a degree or diploma in a computer science or developer program helps establish knowledge. The evolving skill sets for website developers could be driven further by earning certifications offered by certain organizations or vocational schools. Some website developer jobs may focus more on experience than academic credentials.

Certifications offered by Adobe and Microsoft are widely recognized and accepted. Others that focus on HTML5 or particular design principles may be helpful in shoring up for a more well-rounded skill set. Tools are widely available and fairly inexpensive, providing plenty of opportunity for personal growth.

where your career is headed

Website developers are called upon to preserve a company’s website presence, making them vital to its image online. The role’s importance gives employers the impetus to hire knowledgeable and effective developers to deliver on their strategic vision. It could also be a job that leads to growth toward more specialized roles, like a software engineer, app developer or lead designer.  

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