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Welders are in high demand in large metropolitan cities in Canada such as Toronto. In 2017 there were 2,279 people working as welders in Toronto. This is a 3.2% increase from 2016. What welders bring to the work place cannot be substituted by technology. The skills and experience you gain as a welder can be invaluable for your future career.

welder salaries in toronto

The high demand for welders in Canada and Toronto is reflected in their salary. The average salary for a welder in Toronto is around $25.00 per hour. With years of experience added to your belt, this per hour rate can increase to around $30.00 per hour. The list below shows that average earnings for welders at each level of experience.

Entry level salary: $ 20.80 - 25.00
Intermediate salary: $ 22.60 - 27.20
Senior salary: $ 24.40 - 29.20

top industries for welders in toronto

There are many industries that are currently  hiring skilled welders at a rapid rate. Most welders will find work in construction or factory environments and may work for contractors or be self-employed. When working in construction and manufacturing, welders can be  involved in the manufacturing of metal goods, steel goods, boilers, heavy machinery and many other items that require metal bonds. The top industries in Toronto that need welders are:

  1. machinery maintenance
  2. metals manufacturing
  3. building equipment contractors
  4. office furniture manufacturing
  5. employment services

in demand skills in toronto

The larger your skill set as a welder, the more technical and broad your responsibilities will become. For example, highly skilled welders are able to read and interpret blueprints and have a wide knowledge of different welding techniques and metallurgy. The skills that employers in Toronto value the most from welders are knowledge of:

  • blueprints
  • welding machines
  • welding equipment
  • cutting equipment
  • soldering equipment

next steps for welders

Skilled welders have a great advantage in the current labour market in Toronto and Canada as they are in high demand. If you have completed training and have some experience as a welder, there are many places that your career can take you. In Ontario, obtaining a trade certification as a welder is optional, however acquiring this may be very beneficial for your career. With 5+ years of experience, it is possible to find yourself in managerial and supervisor positions.

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